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  1. @mixa it is an incomplete game feature, we are going to receive a revenge system where you can instantly port to the location of the player who killed you, using l2store items ofc (which is a flaw, hate to say it). Ur best bet is using anti pk buffs from the gatekeeper + using a spy character 20/30 seconds away from your eventual location. It is a pain, makes things fun sometimes but I absolutely agree that porting during combat should NOT be allowed. It ruins the fun having to port while under attack, the enemy should have the privilege of killing and that has been removed.
  2. Low adena drop rate? AGAIN?

    @Hime Hello Hime, I hate to complain at my age but I also would like an increase to the adena drops, I'm here running 25 accounts not being able to buy soulshots for every player and considering soulshots as a luxury is very backward and moronic, yet that is how the game is played...just occurred to me that if shots were non existent and just automatically applied as a boost, more people would ditch their 20 man army and just play a few characters.... I hope this idea is considered, it's gospel to all players here. Back in our time here pet soulshots was the luxury, now it's gone real bad. I mean why can't crafting exist on a weapon/armour/jewellery basis, it would be very lucrative as a solo player since with shots and self buffs any class can go to 80 and further, it's a nasty thing streaming on Twitch having people from illegal servers laughing at you because they believe NCSOFT to be far from logical, it's a standard thing, no offence. More about the adena rates which I'm sure is repetitive by now, the player base should have a means of alerting head offices, petitions not forums. Forums are great if there are really forward thinking analysts on the job. However, farming a level 20 zone, Ants Nest, is more viable and easier than any other place on the map. Hence why there are many player killers running around these zones amongst others. For me and some others it's not an issue, we can just let the ingame bot farm for months on end (around 6 months) then farm raids for the real capital but not many people, and by this I mean 70-80%, currently have no idea how to tackle raids let alone farm raids, so they are stuck in a very dark and depressing nostalgic experience where you leech experience from a raid with no capital gain whatsoever, so you end up becoming a very incompetent and undergeared player at end game, without even looking at statistics I can safely say that many have left because of this reason, if I didn't know what I knew I would have quit a few months in. You see, raiding even 20 level raids means you need 77/78 buffers, means using at least 5-6 buffers and if the raid squad is not geared up to par a player can expect to run 10-15 clients (as dps) just to manage (excluding buffers), anyone on this forum who has done any lowbie raid will confirm this. There are the fields where you can bot money (dragon valley, outside giran castle etc) which are great if you are either doing AoE with some friends but botting a full party solo you make around 2mil a week, that's not confirmed but an estimation of making 46k adena as VIP4 at DV doing AoE for 1 hour. Honestly if the adena rates were fixed and the average player can feel comfortable and prosperous (which rarely exists now) about the end game levels, just like the non-hardcore former version of itself, then we can start being more happy on discord, everyday there it's more and more gossip and dramas about the servers. The current dilemma right now hangs on the average player logging x amount of accounts, I run 25 across a few PC's, for me it's a huge pain spending 20mins every morning setting up for a low return (I've had to borrow adena on multiple occasions, sorry for the long lecture). This is the average nolifer btw, one who plays in excess of 12 hours a day, I see myself being here till the very end but if I cannot compete in 1-2 years it will ruin my gaming experience and people like me keep the game rolling, we live and breathe the l2wiki...we must also account for the age range here - say 25-45...anyone over 30 will be happy, it's nostalgic, they are not zooming through life at warp speed like most twenty-something's such as myself and gamers like me are the worst to lose since anyone who games this everyday needs to eventually feel some sort of success (levels don't count anymore either, it's about making good pvps of which only last a few minutes...I could go on). The L2 Store is fine btw, I've seen the talk about it, I complained a lot myself but this is a for profit company and not some charitable venture. We need to feel like we have a voice that echoes its way to Korea, no one is going to write support tickets because this game was the easiest one to perfect, even with all the bumps and scars it carries. This outweighs anything else I've mentioned, if the players can voice and in return listen to a response, a dignified one, then NCSOFT can make this game evolve. Please listen to my advice, I don't want to play another game ever, ever, ever. This is where my gaming career will end, as it has for many others. 1st letter to NCSOFT will read 'making pendants/belts/shirts from the store attainable via in game quests'...this quest can be something that requires 20 hours a week for 1 month straight, people will grind it, it is of absolute importance that we can feel useful in PvP, since of course this is a very high scale pvp game. It would not take more than a month to actually do this with in game developers, it's simple throwaway material that the backhouse deals with. It's not to say that the store should be changed, it's good as it is. Just think of some new player who spent 6-12 months here, cannot afford a complete set (inc. all), has a clan full of people like him who cannot compete for longer than 5 seconds, it demotivates the grind eventually leaving real money traders great opportunities to buy accounts for cheap. I hope I'm not impeding any forum laws, I'm just being crystal clear. Lastly, please add Pom poms to the store.