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  1. Reacted on this as well... from the try of a +4 it says the warning. Strange but hey, they were free...
  2. I sent in a petition with some more information and so on... Next time I logged in the items were there. Before, I did not see them in the quest items nor quest log... It works now though and I have completed it
  3. Was running around looking at different places to hunt and, saw Giant's Cave was 76-80 "optimal level". With WC and SWS buffs I had quite ok p.def with my Doom Heavy. First room was ok with Kranrots and such, but then I came into the giants, thinking "Well they can't be that much harder than the Kranrots because they were similar level" Wow, I was wrong... 3k per hit and took me down like i was level 50 on a Siege. These mobs are around level 75-76 and even with a full party, tank, sws, bd and so on... this would be a greaaaat challenge. In all my time in L2, I've never ex
  4. Ok, seems we are all two-three levels from each other.... Could have been it though, thanks!
  5. As the topic states, after I've spoken to Orven he teleports me to Silent Valley, I get no quest items... (I've deleted the quest and taken it again, logged in and out etc.) I'm a Soul Hound to be and my Berserker friend has done the exact same things and he gets items on the same mobs. Something buggy about this quest or just contact suport?
  6. That's actually a cool idea.... To have like an atk speed quiver etc. Even just augument a quiver would be nice.
  7. Ah, ok.... I understand why people hardly grind there. Very difficult.
  8. Already a pretty tough place as it is without the curse, why would they have it there and is there any way of getting rid of it? Cheers
  9. Best for selling in towns are dwarfs, just putting in here... don't forget about the dorfs.
  10. My assist macro has always been sluggish if I don't have the window "active". I can't for example watch youtube or something like that because then every row in the macro will take 2 seconds or more. This is probably not related but I just wanted to point out that the macro system is not so good.
  11. Yeah, agreed, when you get out of Cruma it's very dry... So far to run though, it feels like mobs in Forest of Mirrors are sparse... (Mirrors are interesting though, can spawn like a milion of them hah) Thx for the tips!
  12. Playing a WL on the side and was planning to go DV once I hit around 50, buuuuuut that didn't go well.... Quesiton is, where do I go now? Got top B gear... Cheers!
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