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  1. PK PK PK And More PK

    iss and healer in live sever can rez 100%, so PK just keep they stop, not make them down lever ^^
  2. NEW Maneer option doesnt work in party

    yes it's really a promlems, my main target mod, do 1 cycles macro, and it's target again. If someone in party target it, my main target check out and take a new mobs, ^^
  3. Down lever and lost skill??

    thx man, i do it from 55-47, lost 1 lv CDL, and now can be happy, sometimes, it's the only way ^^
  4. Down lever and lost skill??

    My friend give me one char lv 55 with CDL skill, but my all suppost now lv 40, I want to down that char lever to 47, will I lost skill CDL or it's will become CDL lv 1? Any GM can anser this, thx ^^
  5. CDL worth it for SPH?

    CDL is "lethal wp" in pve, with Top C staff you can pve to max lever with it, or use Top D wp for adena. Book drop really hard, so buy it if you ...need
  6. Path of the Artisan bug ?

    just go down, go down...It's near the last room
  7. WTFast

    thx you so much, in my country have poor internet, so I have to use, now so happy. Love y all!!!