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  1. did you even read what xigncode3 does mixa ? or do you just randomly appear to lash out at different posts ?
  2. Trying to put xigncode3 on a 14 years old engine will only make it crash on high load of players, due to memory leaks ... brace yourselves, incoming server restarts !
  3. What a bunch of bitter old ladies. The only thing you do is complain and bicker about some patch notes. Theres a bunch of patch notes out there KR / RU / EU, which contain most of the information, and the EU ones for example are in english. So calm your tits cause the world wont burn if patch notes are delayed 1 more day.
  4. Im not sure why you keep asking about the gap between players, because players are completely different from one to another. The so called "gap" that most of the clueless playerrs are talking about has been created by players. Take for example someone that plays every day, 5-10 hours, and someone that plays casual, 1-2 hours @ 1-2-3 days. Thats one of the reasons creating a gap. There are several major others, ranging from age, jobs, commitment to the game, and the list can go on. Theres always gonna be a gap, and its not controlled by anyone. If you want to be more competitive, you have
  5. Rlt

    Sieges 6 august ?

    So ... what happened with the castles ? MAX still homeless hobos ?
  6. Wasnt Nova CL Dalyany the one that asked ncsoft to move her 2nd +10 shiny shirt to Flashed ? and by that Flashed got a +10 shiny shirt for free. If you keep crying about double standards, make sure you're not doing the same yourself Nova.
  7. Yidao, no offense but you have no idea about what is happening. Instead of returning to the old ways, you might wanna search what instant gratification in society means and how the society changed the game, and why we cant go back due to the changes in the system.Things cant go back because the people playing the game now dont have the same mentality that was preGOD. In simple terms, even if someone from ncsoft would try implementing something like it used to be, that will result in a failure. And nobody likes a failure P.S. How many of the current people can and are willing to handle a
  8. Tbh, the results of every clan are the results of leadership. When nova was top clan, that was the result of the core members, lead by hitch. Since hitch quit, nova became just a shadow of what they used to be. No impact on dim sieges, and on chronos, the only reason they still keep aden is the mp regen of the castle, whch makes stacked nukers almost immortal. Thats the result of Novas current leadership.
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