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  1. wanna know the best f2p farm?! OLLY make 100 toons lvl 100, fight 25x each at olly and get 1k codex in the end of the month and sell them. and be hurry, redlibra with main change is comming up.... the price will rise af i did that when i started..... its booooooring, but a real good 100% f2p farm. meanwhile xp your main, and a few months later ull improve others farms (sh1, storm, crisis, primavel) u can play nice with that.... i mean, u wont make to aden castle, but u can make a decent pve toon..... over time. Then join/make a cp and hf..... P.S manny ppl quit because of
  2. will we still have an event like the old ones ?! or we will never have again because they were reformulated ?! https://www.lineage2.com/news/zodiac-agathion they are extremely strong for pvp / pve but only older accounts have them. @Juji @Hime
  3. will we have the hunting zone changes tomorrow too?! @Juji
  4. i dont know if im right, but im see some hard logic we share the same patch..................................
  5. for the xp u guys should, at least, put the 7-day main vitality rune on store, for a FAIR price. or separate the price by lvl, 99-105, 106-110, 111-115, 115+ months ago the l2 nerfed the 100% xp bonus from exalted to vit bonus, in others regions its ok because everyone has this rune, but here........ imagine a 300% boost all the time, add the spots back in fos, make a 113+ spot another 107-110, make at least one spot for party 107-110 and done! u guys are selling cake for a few people who can do swamp and the new aden instance, or selling vit pots 3-4 times per year, trying to make a few
  6. use pom until u get 2x the time. active your pve cloack and leave the game, count 6min and enter again, use all your boosts and gl.
  7. since the heavily nerfed anniversary..... 6 weeks in total w/o a f2p event. and still melee atk delay, dc's, no red libra. but who cares?! give us another "sales event" next week.
  8. Jesus..... those 2 drama queen's. Just leave quiet like the others. A spot 30s away from the castle throne "was not castle territory"
  9. so you're saying that the propve was killing people outside the siege area, while they were inside.......... and they weren't even getting flag / pk damn, these cheater
  10. well i cant complain. the gold ticket was from a single box.
  11. I don't agree, you are basing yourself using the top 1% of the server....... they have multiple +30 forgotten skills and others OP itens. if u see a 1x1 or 7x7 with only 1%, the pvp will take a while.......... with the top 10%, idk maybe 200b toon, will be the same thing ( if all are in the same "range" ofc) i have a 150b toon and can play nice in the olly with others +-150b players..... i 1shoot 30b toons and get 1shoot by 1T+ the right thing that nc should do was to close the gap between the top 1% and the rest, but they do exactly the opposite. look at this event now ..... 200b+ to
  12. nice, removed one of the last f2p farms. now lets make a 12 box/pc fishing 24/7 and help with the lag issues and loguin queeue........ in the meantime we will continue paying 230kk for a rune stone or w8 to buy from store. it's so cool when "the dev's" make decisions based on other regions..... it really motivates people to keep playing here.
  13. this splendor fragment will be a common drop of the box?! or will be rare and we have to spent an insanity and a few more bi's to have a 30% chance to lvl 2 and get 2% debuff res, 1% patk and +1 stats?! really?! and i guess balok will remain like this.... i mean, its not like rocket science the change we want and still not a single word from u guys. @Juji @Hime
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