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  1. Thanks for that, just shows how out of touch I am !
  2. Am I on Classic ? Just returned again since the classic was reintroduced. Now it seems its "Not" Classic, even though TI is the old TI format etc. I can't see any noob shot in the shops, I can't shout until 94 and a noob cant even speak til 24.
  3. Well I need to get used to gameplay again too so doing quests etc. will help. So much has changed, even since last year !
  4. Never mind, I did the Gludio quests in wastelands and ruins using crud items and made it to the end. The last mob needed some DSS otherwise pretty easy. Made it to 43 and now on Alligator Island.
  5. I see all the daily/level reward items have been removed. Do I have to buy a D Weapon from the shop "a la old days" now ? I gave my rogue some bits from another noob char but not sure if a free weapon is available somewhere ? Thanks
  6. Fierybint Zath, Witchfinder, LadySalma, Feeblegirl, Guthro…. Hindemith Southern England Lost all my old accounts after NCSoft didn't believe I was genuine owner then server merge deleted it all. I had an original beta a/c too with all the annual rewards. Server merges and change in game by removing old gameplay style of crafting etc. pushed me away for years. I just came back again to have a look after another year away and find its all change again. No adventurer items for D etc., can't ask for help from players as no chat option and GM petition is offline. The old v
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