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  1. I agree, market dead = server dead.
  2. Praying for the sitting toon not to get AOE damage. And you need an extra toon outside your party because a warcryer for example when he stand up to make rebuff he buff walk buff walk. It's inconvenient.
  3. Still... Nothing. I understand you tried to quickfix the loop macro but still not enough. In order to stay at one place and give target you need an extra toon sitting and giving target praying for the mob not to AOE damage you and start running. It's simple, you already have toggled attack just take out the auto attack from auto hunt function so we can have the option to toggle attack on/off. Only that should be enough. Before the update everything was running slick, now it is just sad. PS toggled servitor attack does nothing even with autohunt turned on. Am i the on
  4. As i wrote in another post, standing/buffing/giving target is very important for the party so maybe the dev team can consider of taking out the autoattack function from the new UI so we can individually toggle attack on/off (now that action attack is toggle). Please consider this, otherwise toons are gonna walk all over the place, ks other ppl mobs, stucking in rocks.
  5. So after the update i understand everyone is upset. We have seen the community dieing slowly those days. In my belief the macro looping is gonna come back. BUT. My main concern is about the UI of Auto-hunt which gave us the opportunity to have our buffer standing while buffing (with delay) and giving the target for the party to assist. So i think it's crucial to put back the UI rather than just looping macro toggle. So please @Juji and @Hime make that request to the development team. We understand they are working people too and sometimes can be a struggle to code a complete new upda
  6. Evronimus


    WTB Samurai Longsword or SLS Blades. Thank you
  7. I have managed to to fix the first 2 problem, the thing i cant get over is the Auto Run. It's furstrating, i ve tried the NumLock and it doesn't do anything, i have to relog. Sometimes my char would start running after a couple of minuites of the relog.
  8. Hello. After the recent update at 16/10/2019, i ve noticed several weird bugs. First, Auto-Hunt not working at all, it shows toggled but nothing happens. I ve tried the Action Next Target and also doesnt work. Then, when i first log in to the game my character won't stop running, i left-click everywhere and doesn't work, even the blue indicator won't show. I managed to work through that with relog. And last, sometimes i can't put the potions in the toggle window, i can see them in the little window when show to register a potion, but i can't drag them or double click them to toggle window. Any
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