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  1. What is more idiotic? Spending thousands of $$ to attempt or give the appearance of being competitive on live or everyone start from scratch with equal gear etc on classic? At least on classic we have 120 man field raids going on. On live it's one or two people farming all the raids with their boxes.
  2. You realize those toons are being played 24/7 by multiple people right? You will not get there playing a casual 4-5 hrs a day. 35-40 is normal for casual players
  3. Bots been around since the beginning of this game. Don't waste your effort as people like you have come and gone in the last 14 yrs and the only constant is that bots still remain. Learn to live with it or move on to another game. Year after year promises have been made that this so and so antibot software will be the solution. 2018 is just another year that will come and go.
  4. It's so comical that they can think of new and creative gimmicks to empty your bank account. And the sheeple will happily oblige.
  5. He failed to mentioned they dropped war for a year and spent all their time fishing to 105 and slowly waited for Nova to quit out of boredom.
  6. This is the typical player back in C3, who hits lvl 61 and appears out of nowhere with full Majestic Armor and a +7 Soul Bow saying "I played the market". Just give it up, we know how you got your billions.
  7. They're getting sooooo close with that ridiculous zerg of meat puppets. The excuses have evolved from MP regen to "Muh Topaz, muh sun in my eyes".
  8. Quit the game as a Nova member 8 years ago when Nova was on top and they are still on top. I get a little chuckle when these "Johnny come lately" clans think they will dethrone Nova. I post to all retired Nova members on fB and they laugh and say "who is MS"? Exactly!
  9. Why not....waiting for them to introduce more stupid shat for people to waste their money on. The immortal bracelets of the gods, lol
  10. Apparently, AMX don't know how to use fingers either. L2 Adrenaline anyone?
  11. FS said the same thing when Nova transferred to Phoenix back in 2011 and FS back then were twice the size of Nova. =) Numerous other clans said the same thing through the years and here we are 7 years later and Nova is still around.
  12. Does it matter grammer Nazi? Obviously you're not autistic since you got the gist of his message.
  13. Nova is not the greatest clan. All of it's original members no longer play and the original Nova members are probably in their late 30s already This is just a conglomerate of their enemies that joined up. Clan should've died long ago.
  14. You gotta go back in Bartz history (C1-C2). Same Ashura people.
  15. I'm LOLing because you think you're a top player. You might have some impressive gear but i don't see your name on the Hero's list.
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