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  1. Looks like bots are working hard
  2. Lol this game isn't really going to the good direction since a long time ago, it's very sad !
  3. I actually agree with the idea behind this post, we know that you guys need to make some money to keep things up, but come on, low rates and high prices!! That is not viable for most of the players! Give us a chance. We're not all rich! @Juji@Hime @LIME
  4. It's crazy to see how easy should be to get Dragon Weapons... You just prove it with today's event settings... In a few hours the AH got ~25 Dragon Claws... Imagine if we got those settings from the begining of the event ( 3weeks) lolz.
  5. Current event was profitable so maybe yes, they're drinking with our money
  6. AH is being flowed by Dragon Claws lolzz!
  7. Agree this is not fair for other players. Please do something... @Hime @Juji @LIME. Thanks
  8. Understood! Thank you very much for taking the time to write us back
  9. CoL

    Say hello to LIME!

    Welcome! @LIME
  10. I actually want to know the same thing. @Juji @Hime. It's 2021, it makes no sense nowadays please give us this kind of switch! Thanks!
  11. Lol "increase in price for Lv5 jewels"? They were already insanely increased by controlling the market...
  12. Happy to see you're taking action on this. Bye bye cameras :D!
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