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  1. Same thing here. Please fix it.
  2. BTW Thank you @Kysannia for sharing the Google Sheet table with prices. I hope people will realize how illogical is to spend that crazy amount of real money on a game where they don't even take the time to answer people questions on forum
  3. Hahaha this is a big lol in player's faces!
  4. Lol... Almost one week a no one single answer from the NC. I can't believe this...
  5. #not_spending_a_single_penny_here
  6. Yeah this is the worts place to spend your money on. They don't deserve a penny of your hard earned money. Don't be fool they only care about money and nothing else. There's no respect for the players, no respect for people...
  7. This is a big LOL in our faces. You're always doing things like this without announcements. What's wrong with them lol. I take literally less than 1min write down that in the patch notes so ppl have a chance to switch class if they want during Red Libra. This is a joke... NC team, you should be ashamed.
  8. I noticed too. Skill crit dmg and chance seems to be very low now. @Juji can you please take a look at this. Thank you!
  9. Grosss, you're asking to much bro
  10. That new package is great! This will help newbies to get a chance to enjoy some of the Low-Mid level content. Great start to reduce that huge gap! @Juji
  11. Yes, I agree that this situation is really stupid. Only the real addicts will keep throwing their money in the trash hoping to get something from those loot boxes. It's really sad how they exploit those addicted people. I mean, I know this is a business and they are here to make money, but the way they're milking out those players make me a bit sad. But hey, we got an appreciation pack
  12. Your game economy is broken Do something!
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