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  1. This game is dead, indeed, i decided also to leave this L2Classic Lying-version... They made a false promise! This version is not worth playing it!
  2. Lets face it: Psalms 116,11 I said in my haste, All men are liars. L2Classic = Lie!
  3. The official sever is nearly like the illegal servers... Why shall i play here? I mean.... there is difference between illegal servers and official? Both are worse... L2 is in an really sad condition....
  4. What do you think (i mean all L2 players) about Personal ID Number protection? 1. Good idea 2. Bad idea I say 1, because it would keep adena farmers/sellers outside. What do you think?
  5. @Juji and the rest of the L2 Team! Please demand the "personal id number" and "smartphone number" of every newly registered player to keep adena sellers and adena farmers out of the game! In my eyes the time of harsh restrictions has come.... These adena sellers are a nuisance...
  6. What happened with Elven Fortress in L2-Classic? Why it has been closed?
  7. I dont restart the router (FritzBox 6490)....
  8. Please give an option to deactivate this totally annyoiying email verfication for the ip location! I have to do this everyday again t_t
  9. Anyone has some information to the upcoming L2-DeathKnight update? When it will be available on NC-West Server?
  10. For some Reason, i did not obtained any Weapon from "Mission -> Growth" Section, but someone borrowed me an D-Grade Weapon. Im well geared now
  11. For some reason, i did not obtained any weapon from "Mission -> Growth" Section, but someone borrowed me an D-Grade Weapon. Im well geared now
  12. My in game name is Eliah (Healer Class), im Lv24 and still can't afford an decent no-grade magic weapon like Crucifix of Blessing, im in possession of 162k Adena. Could anyone pay 130k to me so i could buy this weapon?
  13. The newbie package costs 80 NCoin... that's to much for me, i don't have so much time to play, so i would have no (or less) benefit from this package. I need at least permanent weapons/gear. Time limited gear is totally worthless for someone like me...
  14. Im also new on Giran (GMT+1) Server, IGN = Eliah, Class: Elven Oracle Lv23, its hard for me to solo play all time, if anyone is interested to group up for EXP farm, just message me ingame. I have huge adena issues, can't afford an decent d-grade weapon, if anyone have some hints for me how to earn decent amounts of adena, please tell me.
  15. Please add the Quest Tab to the Map (World Info), like it was in L2 Classic.
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