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  1. Queries: 1-Where are swordsinger books bought or dropped? 2-the weapons "aden" only allow scroll enchant "aden" or also enchant weapon? Can they be combined? Thank you
  2. Hello I'm lvl 46, I finished the SOE quest and spoke to priest Orven, and I acquired the trascendent dungeon extra pass. But ... which npc should I talk to to enter the dungeon? Where is it?
  3. I'm already lvl 40, where am I headed and what npc do I speak to for that mission?
  4. Alright, I'm a Phantom ranger archer A C bow costs you approximately 5 / 6KK, but beware, there is a lot of price disparity in Giran stores, the top C Eminent bow can be found from 8 to 15kk, a non-top B bow, around 8KK, and the top B bow of peril, 10 / 15KK A Carnage A bow, 15 / 20KK, but I recommend you to start a BoP (although you see them at the same price) since with an A bow you will have to buy the A quiver (as expensive as the bow) and you will spend more SS I hope the information helps you
  5. It all depends on how much adena you have and the type of weapon you need At Giran's weapon shop, you can buy D weapons between 500K and 2KK adena and C weapons for 5kk. C weapons are also purchased with D and C crystals in Giran's Luxury. but you can look for offers from other players in Giran, (very rarely in Gludio), sometimes with 4kk you get a good C weapon and even today with 5kk there were B weapons (not top) To better guide you, what race and profession is your character?
  6. a couple of questions What is necessary and where is a grade A and S dualsword made? The item "Cloth" that is used to unseal armor, where or how is it obtained (without buying it in Giran)? TY
  7. Who (NPC) places the life stone to augment the weapon? TY
  8. I see that the materials or receipts that are not necessary are not sold in the shops of the cities In addition to other players, is there where to sell them?
  9. Welcome to the lineage Shaku This was always the case, the abuser lvl high vs the low lvl I belong to the race of old players, from the old school of L2, when playing without buffs and taking care of the mp (many years ago) and I see that this problem is accentuated when there is such a big difference in equipment and buffs They never solved it and they won't, you have to take it easy When I returned years later, I almost found a new game, so I gave up my competitive game and went to the recreational one Poor guys who need to go so equipped to kill low lvls ... they must have lost their finger
  10. Firhial


    UFA Every time one gets used they come and change everything .... Where can you see the quests? What npc gives them and where? it would be good to put a list of quest from lvl 90 onwards
  11. wrong answer YES, I was in game, go to garden of genesis, archaical, etc and look bot parties occupying everything while real friends told me and showed me the chat waiting list Next time think before answering stupidity
  12. I see that every day they strive to bleep this wonderful game.- They allow a group to open 7-8 simultaneous accounts to have their own party and farm and farm all day AFK, occupying the space of real players real players unable to enter ... bots playing freely .... pathetic Please: Place the limit of 3 accounts per PC, they are more than enough to play, GMs remember how we played years ago. Good players don't need a party to play, as these idiots do Don't bleep this game anymore
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