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  1. obvious question but are the Erupting Vitality XP Potion & Vitality Maintaining Potion (1-hour) from the dragon supply box tradeable or bound to the char that opens those boxes ? other question: Vitality Maintaining Rune (2-hour) is in a box or starts ticking time the moment u get it from the Cube of Gratitude ?
  2. Vitality Pack Flash Sales

    you would think we get used to being ignored by ncwest staff but really all this time and no actual answer / comment from either @Juji or @Hime
  3. Still No Red Libra???!!!???

    well Juji said end of summer so what's the last day of summer ?
  4. I for one actually love the old glows, the fact the OE glows are different on A grade and S/S80 compared to R/R95/R99/R110 is quite nice not everyone is a fan of the blue glow of a +21 R type weapon and by using an S/S80 weapon appearance it becomes a very nice deep dark red long story short imho there's nothing wrong with the current visual effects when using a lower grade weapon appearance on R type weapons
  5. Vitality Pack Flash Sales

    summer time stuck at home cause of covid-19 with no where to go and during xp event with no discount on cakes or big vitality pack
  6. just putting the post where it belongs and yeah not fixed at all
  7. Delay when attacking melee!

  8. Extreme low Rates on suspicious box

    collective thinking never really worked in L2, the l2greed is too strong
  9. Vitality Pack Flash Sales

    would love this
  10. Weapon Appearance

    he posted on 4r4m discord that he got banned from posting on this forum till end August so you will have to take over for him!
  11. Vitality Pack Flash Sales

    totally agreed, plz plz
  12. point 12 is about the fact nothing got done about the players that knowingly abused it and neither was there anything done with the huge influx of adena that came with it and as a result caused high inflation. pretty sure the OP's point is the randomness in NC's way of dealing with known exploits, stuff that was really game breaking had no punishments handed out what so ever and minor issues were given 7 day bans some items might be old news but obviously still around and as such should be mentioned until those get fixed @Juji two major clans left Chronos in the last few weeks, no more MorningStar and no more FuriousSteel, how many players need to leave / quit until these concerns are being taken seriously ?
  13. great post, thumbs up! @Slycutter point 12 is about Timed Instance Zone exploit and not the actual Server Timezone
  14. unbelievable how this is still ongoing