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  1. VMware not working, is this deliberate by NCSoft?

    any network engineer worth their salt knows how to detect vmware logins so why are you trying to get players banned here with false information ?
  2. Main Change option "RED LIBRA"

    the teasing is real
  3. Main Change option "RED LIBRA"

    @mixa you play EU server so like everyone playing there you know the main - dual swap service is coming before end of the year so maybe stop trolling ? Once EU/RU has this service the other export regions will get it too by default so eventually it's going to happen.
  4. that's not new.. we have them already, Wings of Splendor they're called here @Juji on EU/RU server the bug was fixed that you can share the item around and get the buff to stay even when the item is no longer equipped - might want to implement the same fix here
  5. @Juji another question but what will be the new early time for Swamp of Screams as according to notes it will be earlier but that moves it into the Wednesday maintenance window ?
  6. Imperial Tomb its dead?

    its still a good way to get top / hg spirit stones etc so yeah folks will still be doing it
  7. Mentee Fostering - Tales Untold

    it's a 50% nerf and how are people supposed to lvl CRP for Clans now ? not everyone can take castles or get hero's for their clan
  8. Mentee Fostering - Tales Untold

    and yes that's the clan quest Mentee Development, just a classic NCWest translation error
  9. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    @Chanix that's a nice spin you try to put up here but not how it goes in reality anyone can report a player for bought account, this will be investigated by NC including the player that did the reporting to counter false accusations and any & all acounts found to have changed IP/Country/Paypal/CreditCard etc. or gone from fluent English to only Greek/Portuguese etc. will be banned account sale is banneable and the seller & buyer will have all accounts associated banned, go read the eula. the caveat here is that NC doesn't bother on their own to go after these kind of issues, only after a report is made will they bring down the banhammer
  10. @Juji please advise as many people have still lots of those Rare Accessory Spirit Stone and to just bluntly delete them without any compensation is not ok
  11. Dev team isn't aware there are still Wynns playing past 105
  12. Event Dragon Weapon Damage

    nope as my char is set up for max skill power, crit rate and damage but nice try, maybe stop giving an opinion all the time when someone tells you are wrong
  13. Event Dragon Weapon Damage

    20% skill power augment ? nice hax then my +21 limited weapon has 15% PVE and +15% damage augment which the stage1 doesnt have,the 30% skill crit rate/skill crit damage doesnt compensate that I mean I use Roa support buff atm and a 2hr skill power talisman on top of what I normally use and struggle to get same xp imho that says enough
  14. Shilen crystal restoration abuse

    This, it's what the cheaters can expect and any old school player knows will happen once NC figures out what happened as this stuff has happened many times before in the past. should ask around about the Legendary Localhost player and the story of Martelx's bow