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  1. weekly maintenance during swamp, emergency maintenance during swamp.... you guys know that this is pretty much only good time to xp/pvp correct?
  2. I agree, this time zone for cursed swords is worst time possible. It also takes 30 min away from Swamp of Scream time which i dont understand why. I would push for the time of cursed swords to finish at 1pm pacific, when oly time starts, and dim siege. this is best hours for both European Players and North American and South American players in my opinion. Please consider make these changes.
  3. Are you guys fixing the glitches? aka when i use brooch br and some other skills the reuse shows its up to use again but its glitched and still has cool down?
  4. How about just fix the game properly so ppl can use there items they have put in a lot of adena time and effort to create and use. EVEN CASH TO PLAY EVENTS FROM L2 STORE TO BE ABLE TO UPGRADE GOD JEWELS. So imo you guys either should again cancel swords till this matter is fixed, or not punish anyone who wants to use there items in game and not get penalized again for NSSOFT FAILURE! @Juji @Hime.
  5. Cant beat them, Report them, way of Renobotio and friends methods. I saved a teleport spot when I ran up to it, I pressed my teleport and it worked. Instead of crying and calling MS cheaters maybe send game petition to DEV so they can fix these bugs if it isn't working as intended.
  6. Yea and im trying to keep my gear not lose it to some idiot who comes and tries to get me to PK them makes me drop my gear while im AFK. If you didn't cash out your gear from a year ago you as well had a lot of top gear from what I remember, so im confused on what you crying about here? WE PVP FS, nova... does clans have full gear players not +6 sets that u state... so again what are you crying about degus? I thought u also MS I guess im wrong.
  7. Also please make changes to be able to WAR all clans no matter how many members in that clan or lvl of that clan! ppl with 14 man and less clans take advantage of PVP, now you take out this PK system really!??!?! please fix these problems for ppl who like to PVP.! thanks
  8. NO Pk system please!!, and no dropping items!!!!! this game is already to PVE friendly!!! instead add war zone to all dragons and more PVP places like swamp of screams etc to encourage PVP. Thank you!
  9. As the Nerft to Stronghold adena wasn't already bad enough now more of a nerf....and ya 2 years like we are still waiting on our compensation
  10. nacho come back and play with me!
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