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  1. I'm not sure if it will work for the particular item you are asking about, but try clicking on the Dimensional Merchant icon in the lower right, and then go to "I want to transfer a Dimensional Item to another character on the account". If it is transferable, this would be the way to do it. **Also this only works for sharing with characters on the same account. If your other character is on another account, and you can't trade the item, you are out of luck.
  2. @Manza Is this happening to you in Cruma Tower? if so, @Wilma too, it may be when you fight the mob: Perum https://l2wiki.com/classic/Perum These guys have an ability that teleports you, and as a result it turns off your auto attack/macro. They do leave a visual teleport aura around you after they do it, so I'm thinking this is what is happening to you. Fortunately I think that @Semti's genius solution may be a way to get around this. I'm definitely going to try it next time I'm there
  3. If you do the quests in your starting zone, you will get free 15-day dual swords at level 10 from quest rewards, as well as free armor at level 20 from Captain Bathis in Gludio. This can be done in about an hour I believe. Once you hit 20, you will get a quest to go to the Ruins of Agony, where you will be able to make adena a little easier
  4. @Julio_Convers Check here for quests information: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Quests Each race's starting area has several quests that quickly get the character to level 20 ending up in Gludio then there are a few quests from there. There are also daily quests that vary depending on your level, and that will be the majority after you complete the quests in gludio.
  5. Hey Needle, At your level the options for quests are mostly just the Daily ones (ie: Nos at level 35-50, Forest of Mirrors at level 45-60, etc) However you will get the most xp/sp from Cruma Tower at your level. If you have xayah buffs, or a dualbox or two, you should be able to start farming there either now or soon, depending on your gear.
  6. Regarding Runes, you can go to any Blacksmith in town and they will be able to socket the rune for you. To add a rune on a B grade weapon, it will cost 112 Gemstone B's (purchasable at the grocer). Not sure about the dyes, someone else will have to chime in.
  7. @JSN, they removed the tickets from the L2 store but if you have them in your inventory you can still exchange them with the dimensional merchant. There are people still selling them in Giran right now.
  8. Welcome Taisapu, Here are a few things I would recommend: As a lower level player with little adena, you want to refrain from buying consumables as much as you can, so that you can save your adena for a weapon and armor. Instead of fishing to buff yourself, instead sell the fish or the xp stews in giran for extra money. If you are able to leave your computer on to fish either while at work, or overnight, or both that will increase your passive income. If you were to do this with 4-5 accounts, you could earn enough adena for a c grade weapon in a week or two. For buffs, I wo
  9. Are you sure you meant to post this in the Classic forums? I read in the General Live forums that there was a maintenance update yesterday that temporarily removed the auto hunt features: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14718-live-unscheduled-server-maintenance-monday-august-19/ " With this maintenance: Optimizing the ranking system selection checks to improve server performance Auto hunting UI temporarily removed " On Classic, the "Auto Next Target" functionality still seems to be working
  10. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Spellbook:_Clear_Mind It should drop from Giant Fungus in the Sea of Spores or Carinkain in the Forest of Mirrors. I play on Talking Island server and I've seen it a few times for sale in Giran, from anywhere between 800k and 2.8kk.
  11. The high grade starter pack will definitely make your life easier. Otherwise create some alts and farm lower level areas (20+) or fish 24/7
  12. After the last update the free newbie pack is no longer in the store. Now upon leveling to 10, new characters receive 15 day dualswords from quest rewards. (Though they're not not quite as good as the samurai swords) If you're willing to spend money, there is a high grade starter pack in the store that comes with 2 tickets for 15 day B+10 weapons.
  13. If you started a new account you can go to the L2 Store in game, go to the Event tab, and redeem the "Newbie Pack" for free, it includes dual swords that last for 30 days and should get you going
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