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  1. I couldn't agree more, unfortunately this includes the part "nobody cares from the staff or devs"
  2. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    lol, that escalated quickly... I think you should check what bashing means. Unless you're too lazy for that too ;p
  3. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    Dude, I can't read your mind, so yes, your post suggested that you did not make any effort before posting. Since you keep giving me advice I don't ask for, let me give you some advice as well. It's good to elaborate on the subject when you post, for example stating what you've already checked/done, as then people are more eager to respond and you get a more personalized advice instead of a generic one. Also, think about your attitude, you accuse me of things that you do yourself. I'd call that hypocrisy.
  4. Unfair Olympiads

    Overall, in my opinion this update is the worst of all ....for many reasons, olympiad system being one of them.
  5. Server Quests/Rewards/Events

    I can confirm this from my experience. I think I've logged in only twice in this update. With previous updates you added new features that were out of my reach (I have average gear and lvl), but you kept most of the existing stuff, so I've always been able to find some fun things to do and slowly worked towards getting adena and upgrading my equipment. Now that you've removed almost everything I feel like there's nothing for me to do, so I no longer log in.
  6. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    lol, yeah, I was expecting people to do at least a slight effort before posting... I'm like the worst person... ever, i mean, all over the place
  7. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    OK, I'll take a part of your advice and I will go back to ignoring posts of people too lazy to do a simple search on forums
  8. Guide to Weapon Enchantment

    if you're too lazy to even search on forums for the already existing topics on enchanting then why should anyone bother to give you a full guide? But hey, I'm a nice person, so after a simple search .. here you go, this should be a good start. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14818-need-tips-on-enchanting/
  9. What to do with drops

    Correction: Light to 5% and Dark to 20% Before the previous update, it was 0% for Light and 30% for Dark. Unless they changed it again, I havent logged in this update yet.
  10. Last time Ive done it i got EWR from the boss ;f
  11. Fix Manner Mode

    It's a workaround and not a solution.
  12. BAN from Belarus

    I would be the first one to escape from here, ....if only I could keep my gear or get an equivalent on their servers *____* Depends on the holiday type, when I go on my annual leave which is like a 2 weeks break then I don't have time for L2, but for example when I was a student and went to the United States for 2 months during the summer break I did log in to L2 from time to time. Nothing crazy about that in my opinion.
  13. BAN from Belarus

    The link you shared only states "You will not be able to login or create an account if you reside in one of the following countries:" I understand if the service is not availble when within that country, but the account ban seems unreasonable. Hmm... so if I ever decide to go on holidays to Belarus or China or any other country from the list I must not under any circumstances launch l2 on my laptop? Otherwise I get banned? x_O
  14. What about issues with the current update that have not been fixed yet, for example missing Etina solo, should I assume it is going to be fixed in the new release?
  15. Fall of Etina (solo) Again!!!

    It's been over a month since I posted here and still there is no response from our beloved community managers. Could you update us on this? You plan on releasing the new update while the previous one still has unresolved issues. Sounds like a great way to go.