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  1. Clan re-join penalties - 30 day

    This seems like a good idea to me. So if you leave a clan A you can join clan B in the next 24h but your penalty for rejoining clan A would be 30 days. Of course, not that anyone here cares about our opinion and suggestions...
  2. Summoner summons at 110 too low level

    And yet again, no comment from the staff.. typical.
  3. Summoner Dual Class

    Wynn is a horrible idea by itself, not to mention the heavy armor and such. ISS would be the best choice gear-wise, but since you want a DD, you are left with a Tyrr.
  4. Still no comment from the staff? Any plans to address this?
  5. Read my post again, this buff does not give YOU p atk. From your print screens I can see you're a yul, so only first part of the description applies to you. ISS Spirit is for the ISS who casted the buff.
  6. Spoil is dead (too)

  7. @Rodah is correct. The description is misleading, like many of other translations made for this game. 'for 5 min., all clan/ party members’ P. Critical Rate/ Damage and P./ M. Skill Critical Rate/ Damage +15%. <--- That's what you get with this buff. Additionally, activates the Spirit of Iss effect. P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. +20%.' <--- Spirit of ISS is available only for the ISS who casted the buff.
  8. 300% * nothing i still nothing, drop? what drop? Orichalcum ores sold in grocery for 10k? ok... spoil? lol what spoil? I farm less per week, but even if I go with your numbers, 60kk *3 a week = 180kk, which gives 9bil per year... congrats after 4 years of farming you may be able to afford a blessed valakas necklace. And where's adena for your skills (rune stones are 120kk each on Naia now, were even 160kk at some point and you need 8 x the number of skills that you have) weapon, armor, circlets, other accessories, brooches, jewels, talismans, shits, dyes, arguments and so on? My point is still valid, you can't get anything/anywhere for 15 dollars / month.
  9. Most people don't mind paying $15 per month, in fact most of the people who according to you complain (according to me raise valid points) paid way more throughout the years than $15 per month. One of the main issues here is that this game requires thousands of $$$ and for 15$ a month you will not be able to progress.
  10. Class without damage - Skill does not work

    Don't forget to add that the last servitor you get is at lvl 110 while there are already locations for lvls 119+ lol ...but who would care about he dmg penalty or other such details. Clearly not devs from NC Soft.
  11. well, it would be nice if adena drop at least compensated what you spend on shots and ores while farming. It may be the case if you kill mobs with 1 shot, but this does not happen to mere mortals like myself.
  12. Summoner summons at 110 too low level

    Devs forgot that wynns even exist... GG NC Soft, yet again no love for wynns from you. If you do not intend to fix this class at least let us change our main class!
  13. That's right, the same 1 or 2 people keep getting 5kkk adena per day from swords while others get a 3kk reward from the daily quest nerfed to 1.2kk as apparently 3kk was too rewarding.
  14. Broken Game Mechanics

    lol, you're crying because he used mass exile on mobs to annoy you? Welcome to L2, it's open world, if someone annoys you, you either fight them, try to ignore them and wait till they get bored or go someplace else. So many options to choose from!
  15. Setting realistic goals!!

    At least you have plenty of different locations to choose from... NOT