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  1. Slow attack

    Known issue that's been going on for quite some time, though for me, now that they disabled the ranking system, it seems way better than before . https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14638-known-issue-server-latency/
  2. Free La Vie En Brooch

    Make sure you're on your main class when you speak to Tarti in Gludio.
  3. Unlimited MP in some areas

    LOL and I was wondering why my macro is sometimes super efficient MP-wise and sometimes the same macro drains my MP like crazy. Silly me, I didn't know you could have different MP regen in specific pve areas.
  4. Recent prices at Aden

    you haven't provided any example of an item that went up 200% so you will not get any specific answer, 'unable to buy many things' is a bit vague

    Yet again, thank you NCSoft for the clear communication
  6. Soooo.... increase NPC respawn times = decrease the number of mobs. Yet again, thanks for the clear communication
  7. lag again?

    The issue is back for me as well.

    How can I check the server's status without constantly re-lauching the client? @GMs, it would be useful to have the statuses displayed within the launcher and refreshed in realtime.
  9. How to make a dual class?

    Hi guys, do you if this update also provides R-grade gear to a dualclass? I've just made a dualcass on my new box character, but the reward pack had only the cloak, bracelet and some other stuff but no gear. You also dont get mentee's diploma after you awake. I suspect you now get no gear for a dualclass, since NC Soft suddenly seem to have lost their sympathy for dualclasses in general, but plese confirm if you know the way to obtain a weapon for the dualclass for free.
  10. Ninja Naia server restart

    OK, so it does not refresh automatically... The instance I was in is blocked, I cannot re-enter - ty NC Soft.
  11. Ninja Naia server restart

    Yeah, support will probably tell you it's sth on your end and you should do some troubleshooting ;p btw, how can i check when it's back up? Now that NC blocked laby, do I have keep launching the client every few minutes to find out Naia is still down? Or does the Select Server selection refresh automatically?
  12. Client Performance Lost

    Just tried, I'm afraid it doesn't change anything for me.
  13. Game is unplayable now!

    This affects wynns as well, my ponies hit very slow.
  14. That's not 100% accurate, the behavior you describe was applicable to Desert Quarry mobs, but for Beleth's Circle it's been like you said, at least since the previous update if not longer.
  15. Macro Upgrade

    It would be great for wynns, in the current setup I need to add /summonattack to every second line of the macro, otherwise my character would start casting marks on a mob, but my pets would not attack until the macro goes back to line 1. This is very inefficient and leaves me at a risk of dying. PS. greetings to all the beloved forum moderators, especially EmperorLeto. I love you all!