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  1. Juju Homunculus

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same for wynns, at least tanga (P atk) activates only if you use normal hit with the master and not the pet >.<
  2. Reporting Harrasments

    Fighting for a spot is not a harassment lol, L2 has always been like that - you've always had to fight for a good spot, for a raid boss, for a dragon, for a castle etc. If someone is so determined that they are willing to endlessly PK others just to keep their spot, it's their choice - I guess that must be an awesome spot You can choose to constantly return (which is my usual choice) until they are bored with PKing you or just go and look for another spot and no longer feel harassed.
  3. Aren't you overreacting a bit? It's OK in my opinion - was a bit annoying when I had dynamic IP, but luckily I got a static one now. Side note: If you're not good at remembering passwords, PINs etc I recommend KeePassXC or some similar software. I could not live without it.
  4. Hi, I would like to bring your attention to the constant RMT spam via e-mails, PMs and normal chat. Do you think this is OK? This is really annoying, definitely not a pleasant game experience. After a while of this constant spam (I see it on every character that I re-log to) my brain started ignoring the mail icon visible on the screen and I have stopped checking my mail. Because of that I have not read a few important messages on time and I almost missed my b-day gift. I remember there was time when that did not happen, so I would appreciate if you made them stop the spam again, thank you.
  5. Bad Faith !

    That's because all Naia loves you and no one would even think about hurting you! <: Anyway, I think the main issue is that most people don't want to be bothered with getting to know game mechanics (why would you if you get everything from L2 store with a few clicks) and don't know how to make a proper macro.
  6. no war no castle

    Not sure why you open a few topics about same thing, but like I stated in that other thread, you own a castle and benefit from it for 2 weeks, if you want that top reward you need to be willing to engage in wars. I think this game mechanic is OK.
  7. I guess I do not get your sense of humour. I don't see any contradiction in my comment. You own a castle and benefit from it for 2 weeks and not for 2 hours of the siege, so if you want that top reward, you must be willing to open wars. Besides, you can always close them after the siege if the enemy is 100x stronger and you feel this will mess up things for you.
  8. I disagree, I think castles are supposed to be for clans that are willing to pvp and not some dummy pve clans for box characters, so that one clan/ally can hold all castles with their boxes (I know this happens anyway, but at least you give up some clan rep to close wars every 2 weeks).
  9. Fair and Justice

    I don't know the details since I couldn't care less about castle sieges, but the approach NCSoft take is ridiculous, NC Soft developed the code in a way that it allows this to happen, so why can't they just fix that instead of threatening and banning users? Either it's a bug or a feature working as designed. If it's a bug, fix that!
  10. Summoners

    Freezing Invoke is nice, but it is not feasible for regular farm since it consumes a lot of ores. As for those aoe skills ... LOL, they are everything but powerful. They do not even scratch mobs and I'm saying this as someone who's been playing an EM as main for way over a decade. The main problem is that the wynn scales horribly at higher levels. Very expensive gear gives it little to no benefit, while a normal DD gets a nice boost at the same time (for example, 15% crit dmg for your pet is in fact only 15% of that 15%). I made a test when the exalted gear was introduced: 1. tested hunting dmg/speed/efficiency with my gear (+12 bloody retri 3SA, +10 Blessed Leather Set) 2. tested hunting in the same area with exalted retri and armor There was little difference, definitely not worth the time and adena it cost me to obtain those items. Another issue is that most new fancy items that nc soft comes up with do not help wynns at all, you get skill power and other stuff that does not help wynns, even the homunculus system and Tanga (P ATk) is a joke, since in order to activate the communion skill you have to use a regular attack x_O Edit: since I'm only 107 I was not aware that we get no pets after lvl 110, this is another joke on us, since we do have lvl 119 locations and such! Thank you NC Soft for the great and well-thought design.
  11. What do you miss?

    I miss being able to advance in game by actually *playing* the game. I miss people working together to achieve a goal. Also, the memory of crafting SSD and and trying to sell it for 12 adena while the regular price was 11 feels nostalgic for some reason lol.
  12. This would be soooo useful, not only to fight against exploiters. Given it is so quick to clear karma I had so many problems when hunting PKers because of that, they loose karma and I get flagged, even tho when I was casting a skill he was still red, but when I hit him he is white. If I hit too hard he dies and I go red >.<
  13. So I've managed to get it to lvl2, but I do not see it giving any benefit. Am I missing something or it is actually useless?
  14. Thank you Juji, this update has made my day! <3 Finally, we're back to normal, no more abuse from PK players who harass others just because they can. Now they will think twice before they go red. Tho I really do hope you've managed to fix that bug.
  15. Pet Disappearing

    and don't let your pet die