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  1. That quote pretty much summarizes everything
  2. I have a low lvl clan to which I invite many newbies who start the game. At first they are all very excited, play actively, chat a lot etc, overall it's fun, but somewhere around lvl 103 they become discouraged, frustrated and also bored - most of them quit even before they get to 105. Those who do hit 105 quit shortly afterwards as well. I've seen this many times over the last years, when they start asking 'how to I get my rune stones?' etc I know the end is near Servers cannot thrive without new people and you cannot bring new people to the game with the current NC's strategy.
  3. It's never worked when transformed, the same goes for enchant on Servitor Immortality. It would be nice to have it fixed ofc :>
  4. Depends on your playstyle and class, some may go up to 110+ easily
  5. Helvie

    Yul aggro?

    Got tornado shot on your macro? If yes, remove it and the problem will be solved.
  6. I don't think even that item spoils anymore. You cannot even exchange it for anything anymore. Check the response from GMs in this thread https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19634-spoil-is-dead-too/ To conclude, spoil is dead like most of the tings we enjoyed in this game.
  7. I blame NC Soft and their poor design.
  8. In my opinion it's the worst magic class possible They are good in 1 to 1 pvp, very annoying at oly and that's pretty much it. Overall I'm afraid this game has become very dull in terms of classes and the balance between them, it favours yuls/feohs mostly.
  9. Wynns are the worst class... ever. The higher level you make the less dmg you have, useless in a party, no pets after lvl 110 (LOL!), no items that benefit the class.... You don't need to go back to classic, but I would not recommend playing a wynn to anyone.
  10. I got a dc and now I've been waiting for almost an hour in the queue... 285 atm and its moving slower and slower till the end, so I estimate at least 2 more hours of waiting. This is ridiculous.
  11. I'm completely lost with those constant changes to the agathion system... this is too exhausting, I will keep using fairy ;p
  12. I confirm the MP bug, experienced it as well.
  13. I've noticed a difference a few days ago, but it was because my 30 day accessories expired ;p
  14. Thank you for the remainder but I guess all of us here already know the response by heart "Thank you for reporting this incident.We understand that their behavior can be frustrating and we appreciate your patience as these investigations take time. After we investigate the matter, we will take appropriate action based on our findings."
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