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  1. Welcome Lime, I'm looking forward to seeing you in action, hope you will be more responsive than the support staff we've had 'pleasure' dealing with so far (fear not, this is not a great challenge as so far most of our enquiries have been simply ignored *ehkm, inventory limit, ehkm* )
  2. Helvie

    Returning now.

    It will only get worse, I got my wynn to 110 and the higher I got the less dmg I had to the point where I had to drag a boxed tyrr with me to be able to farm. Adding new equipment items does not return your investment, if you add +15% crit dmg your pet gets only 15% of that 15% etc. You have people and mobs lvl 120 on the server, but your pets stop at 110. I could go on.. I've been waiting for years for NC Soft to fix this class but with this red libra I gave up.
  3. Helvie

    Returning now.

    No Most wynns changed class with this red libra event.
  4. Hi, so what class are you playing? 'us old DE SE' suggests it's Aoere Shillien Saint, but I had a look at your previous posts and you mentioned feoh. I'm not sure if it helps, but the first things I can think of are: - If you're running somewhere with a party and you want to set auto follow on a party lead (usually 1st on the list) make a one line macro /target %party1 (you need to either hold the key or right-click on it if possible to loop it) - if you're an Aoere and want to quickly heal yourself, or use any other skill on you make a macro /target %self and optionally add sk
  5. Hello my fellow Wynns, do you switch class during red libra or do you go on hoping wynns become playable at some point in the future? If you switch class, what is your choice? I feel sad about my +20 skills, greater rune stone skill and such, but I think it's finally time to say goodbye to a wynn. Lost all hope things would change. I am not sure what to change to, I like maestros and evis but they are locked. My gear would work for a Yul, but I made one as a dual class and discovered I dislike Yuls. Feohs seem ok, but my gear is fighter based. It seems nothing works for me. I'm curi
  6. Haven't seen even one in my life lol. But I'm a good observer and I often search for mentees via that option. When the chests started the list has suddenly gone from 1-2 pages to 7-8 full of wynns on top and on every refresh the names keep changing. I also often see 'cameras' log in and disappear not far from my grinding spot, so it's easy to connect the dots
  7. Hi NC West, since most instances that you created last 1 hour, it would be great if in-game maintenance announcements were communicated at least 1 hour before, so that people don't lose the instances they are about to start. Especially if those are unscheduled maintenances like the one today or yesterday! Not everyone scans forums every hour... Regular Wednesday maintenance would be also nice if communicated 1h before, as the posts by admins often mess up the time conversion and sometimes I am not sure if I am ok to start a 1h instance or not.
  8. The lags are unbareable. My characters hit twice slower than usually, I struggle now in instances which were ok before.
  9. Yet again, great response from the NC West team, I feel so much love and respect... NOT.
  10. Right click on the item and you should be able to try upgrading it this way.
  11. Also, I forgot to add as I thought it was obvious, but since this is internet... your suggestion would not solve anything. It would be yet another headache for regular players.
  12. If you look carefully you will see most recent entries on the list are wynns and they keep changing, those are bots logging for a moment to scan areas for greedy chests yet another brilliant system from NC West... not that they care to ban them And why do you think punishing honest players this way is fair? Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  13. please explain to the new/returning players who graduated at 105 and ran out of free shots from quests that the adena drop needs to be nerfed while the adena they farm does not even cover the price of shots/ores they need to buy to be able to farm. I myself often farm without shots because it's TOO EXPENSIVE and in normal afk grind I avoid using skills that consume ores if I can. If you are rich u one-shoot everything - it costs you one SSR. Adena drop is not an issue. As stated above, it's the item scarcity AND most importantly, huge imbalance due to crazy amount of items introduced
  14. So now they openly admit their intention is to make our lives miserable... hmm..
  15. Same here, I'm logging 2 boxes with a 13 year old PC, does not even have SSD - L2 works ok (low details). Sufficient for ISS and assisting fighter on macro.
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