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  1. Server Staus

    I don't use twitter and not gonna download it just for that. Thanks though
  2. Kamael Update?

    I read the patch notes some interesting stuff coming.
  3. Kamael Update?

    Im not too invested in the game to search topics. Im bored waiting on the server to come back up so I was just viewing posts in the forums. Also I never play kamael so not too worried about it.
  4. Kamael Update?

    I was thinking Kamael Character. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  5. ban???

    Its crazy for years they ban and ban and ban they add a AFK fighting system now do nothing?
  6. Kamael Update?

    Maybe im missing something??? This is a classic server why would they have a kameal update??? Maybe you posted in the wrong forums?
  7. how to? add macro to auto attack

    Should be Dragging the macro to the box on the right. Not the 1st box next to the auto attack button but the box closest to the right side of your screen. I did it yesterday so I know it works.
  8. Server Staus

    I just returned from a long break from L2. Decided to play classic. I just realized there is maintenance going on. Is there a server status app or something like that so I don't have to keep logging in to check?