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  1. Now to log have to wait 450 players?? WTF... 1 hour yo log rly... It's sucks. Bad job again
  2. @Juji but if "emergency manteniance" its not ppl faults... so u guys most give some gift to ppl for that 2 hours... maybe xp 100% for 1 day or gm buff +200% for 24 hours something to agree all ppl on server...
  3. hi @Juji i would lik to know a website, where i can check all the apparience stone??? coz there are so many that couldn find.. like: Appearance Stone: Red Assassin Suit for "ORC WIZARD" BLUE Vampiric Style Appearance Stone Pirate Captain Appearance Stone Pirate Crew Appearance Stone Kat the Cat Costume Appearance Stone Alice Outfit Appearance Stone Butler Outfit Appearance Stone ALL FOR ORCS PLZ... th for info.....
  4. Hi Juji.. im agree whit @Drood why its double price of event items??? and of course hat the rate its half.. like all event now T_T Now i have another question: When gona fix PK MODE?? i mean nice u can pk all ppl u want, but u get pk and go kill a couple of moobs and pk end ?? wtfffff and if u kill the chart, no drop.... its not funny... there are several ppl whit more that 1000 pk... i think u most implement a new pk method
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