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  1. Then you are saying that the bots have a more stable connection than normal players and when the server is full the normal players get disconnect instead the bots, then the bots have priority to stay online at all. Looks like that mixa is a bot user, why dont you log in five Thousand of bots and play the the game alone? Selfish detected, you are literally on the bot side.
  2. Search on the forum for disconnections and you will see that is an issue that must be fixed, its not only me with this problem my friend! Why dont the selfish bots gets disconnect instead the real players? Looks like that when the server is full someone must be disconnect and why the real players are getting disconnect instead the Thousand of bots?
  3. Dont you think that the bots should get disconnect instead the real players? Thousand of bots filling the server, the auto function in game is legal (its help when you need to stay afk for a litle time) and cannot be compared with the thousand of selfish bots!
  4. Hi lineage 2 team and community! There are something strange happening on talking island server (and i think this is happening on all servers), somedays (when has much players online) its impossible to let my chars on macro cause they got disconect, when im active playing with them they do not disconnect, but when i leave them alone for 5 minutes or more for example they disconect, i think that the players fishing and the bots are taking all the server for them, they are selfish, a player wants to run 200 + bots and the players that really wants to play the game cant play the game and cant use
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