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  1. Naia down

  2. when they update the "prestige pack"? SOUL BOTTLE PACK (X30) are useless, you could change it for a rune XP 100% as in the EU
  3. of course not.. If they offer you a broom for 100 us, would you buy it?
  4. Please understand that NCSoft does not have the fault when offering items for money, it is our fault for accepting to buy those items at high prices. This can be demonstrated with a single fact, if nobody buys these items for a month, I assure you that they will just take steps to see what happens with the server. But if the most powerful of the game buy no matter their value, nothing will matter and our allegations will remain in the memory as it has always been. (sorry for my traduction in google traslator)
  5. Bring Back XP Boost

    +1 XP BOOST.. 200% BASE + 200% XP RUNE 30 days ( L2Store CHEAP!!)
  6. I think that Ncsoft when launch a free event.. they delete all items when event finished.. But if the event is of "pay".. the items obtained are left because you paid for them. Its my opinion
  7. [News] Golden Compass Event

    I think in Naia it was less...
  8. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Ty NcSoft for this event... Now i have new bracelet +10 https://youtu.be/VvpwPRro23c
  9. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    UFF you almost kill me of scare!!
  10. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    were the passes eliminated? really?
  11. [News] Golden Compass Event

    jajaja no te preocupes mi ingles tampoco es muy bueno.. dont worry my english is not very well too...
  12. [News] Golden Compass Event

    until today, I have my bracelet +5
  13. hahahahahaha. add scroll enchantmend bracelet and dragon shirt scroll in l2store with ncoin or herocoin