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  1. Fishing - adena loss

    The fishing was nerf long before the fafurion update
  2. enchant rate for cloaks

    Then NCSoft should be honest and sell items with 100% chance as the HEWR (100% safe up to +12)
  3. enchant rate for cloaks

    mixa... the ncoin is virtual money like a BitCoin, it's not a service !! with Ncoin I buy items .. the only thing I am requesting is that the items are 100% functional and not based on %. And maybe you're right, it's my fault for trusting myself and thinking that NCsoft will change and benefit its customers, but it's not like that and it will not be until US law prohibits selling random items in online games.
  4. enchant rate for cloaks

    I feel scammed !! In almost all countries there is the guarantee of satisfaction (if the product was not expected or does not meet the expectations I can return it), because in NCSOFT this does not apply?, Because NCSoft can not sell something 100% functional. for example: Layer +0 = 10US Layer +7 = 100US Layer +10 = 150US Layer +15 = 250US Layer +20 = 400US I feel cheated by paying 250US and receive a cloak +0 I hope you do not delete this post, since I have the right to express myself freely.
  5. yeahh plz answer this question.. BSOE (event type) and Bless ressurection (event type) will disappear after the end of the event ????
  6. Etina solo - impossible?

    Don't worry ... this is an instance of shit. I did it yesterday and a half only 468,217,491,865 XP with rune 200% XP and marph 200%. This is a waste of time, you get more XP growing alone in Alligathor or Tanor https://ibb.co/dLqSLRf
  7. Soul crystal extraction


    Juji, could you put the elcyum, elcyum powder, elcyum crystal in the L2 store by Ncoin?
  9. Raid boss

    they have 1 hour
  10. Fafurion Update Exp Gain

    Totally agree, it's not worth wasting XP bots at parties, you get more XP growing alone.
  11. No, SOS is still an old area
  12. Insane prices

    don't worry, very soon the law that prohibits the sale of random items will be launched, it happened in Europe and soon it will happen here.
  13. Hi, before the update I read that the instances would have better drop and that they would be according to the new levels, we decided to test Frintezza, Freya and Spezion and guess that, the drop stinks before the update and after the update. It is not possible that the drop is so miserable because to enter the instance requires a CC and divide the drop into 14 characters is a mockery. Frintezza drop 1 Angel Neklace - 1 Scroll Enchanted Armor R Freya drop 1 Pantheon Lv7 - 1 Scroll Enchanted Armor R Spezion drop 1 Angel Neklace Test the drop in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlarxNF0Uvs&t=4s PD: sorry for google translator
  14. Glorious Brooch Event

    The event of NCSoft SUUUCK!!!.. you know thar right?... I waiting for video
  15. Bugg in WareHouse

    First forgive me for my English I want to report a bugg in the warehouse that just happened to me, I wanted to remove some items (very items) and when I accept the NPC don't get me any item selected, but I can remove them 1 by 1. Only that, thanks