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  1. We are several who have problems with the lag after the last update of this Wednesday
  2. the mobs take 10 seconds and more to disappear. Plz fix this... the lag is horrible!!!
  3. I am getting many more delays than last week ... please check this and put the "emperor potion" again with activation priority before the hits (the delay is more than 10 seconds .. this did not happen before the last update)
  4. No matter Mixa, no one has obtained an item +22, or do you know anyone?
  5. The problem is not the discount, it is the x2 price of 4800 to 9600 ncoin, for the same items we will never have, they tell us that the price increase is for the items but it is easy to put a prize as a “jewel of God” when You all know that nobody will win.
  6. it may be that the +10 reward is epic but if the rates are low (0.00010%) you can buy all the packages but the result will be the same ... a enchant +9
  7. Why better do they add the Freya Ice Roses to the L2store and eliminate the old Roses?
  8. It is unfortunate that prices rise so steeply since rates are low to get something good, I only see that I will fill my inventory with honey beer and talisman Venir
  9. Last year with Ultimate Freya's Fortune Stick Bundle (x100) we obtained Freya's Fortune Stick (x100) + Freya's Rune (30-day) Pack (x1) + Hero Coin (x84) for 4,800 ncoin and now we get Freya's Fortune Stick (x100) + Freya's Rune (7-day) Box (x1) + Hero Coin (x120) for 9,600 ncoin, twice the value for almost the same and less in the case of freya rune ... why?
  10. plz Freya Event... we need Freya Ice Roses at a fair price
  11. Kaliel Bracelet error in your description In the description of the item to upgrade it says: <How to Upgrade> Obtain a +5 Crystal of Dawn and upgrade to a kaliel (Greater & Top-Grade) bracelet through Ferris in the Town of Aden. But when I go with Ferris, he asks you for +12 Crystal of Dawn for the first upgrade and +38 Crystal of Dawn for the second upgrade. This is for my publicity deceit Sorry my english isn´t very well.. (I use google translator)
  12. To make this faster, do not buy with a credit card, buy through PayPal, the transaction is immediate
  13. There is 1 item that I find relevant: emperor buff (there are people and I consider myself one of them that we use every day minimum 6 emperor buff, but if I agree to lower the price, it is very high).
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