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  1. @Juji the discussion with Dev team was how to destroy the game and make ppl quit?
  2. i guess they get again korean server patch and trying to find our patch
  3. @Juji @Hime hi! the dc of dead ppl make it 20min - 30min ... its better in that way! 60min is too much think about it i think all will agree.. but still wont help with bots that are afk on aden near npcs... if u are inactive make the dc not only dead
  4. @Juji till u fix the vit problem! why u dont give to ppl vitality buff of gm buffs? why u dont help ur ppl... just give us vit or gm buff and all be happy... just saying
  5. any infos for what it needed for upgarde a 99 weap to 110?
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