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  1. Hi all, Anyone knows where i can remove the PVP option from an old S80 Set? I went to some NPC's so far and nothing, including Mammons! Help in advance for ur help
  2. And yet....you haven't seen nothing!
  3. No kidding....Tyrr Duelists got that good due to the last major update??? That's some interesting shyt I guess though not as good and OP are Feohs - Yuls - Daggers knowing the last 2 half kills most of times and so are most wanted to any party pve-pvp oriented!
  4. And that's me back in the days The good ones! https://imgur.com/RXcf8Zz So where are you guys (and gals maybe?) playing on classic? Good to see several ppls from Hindemith playing again this game on it's classic morph! Cheers Joki
  5. For the old to remember and for the new ones to learn how it was....The good old times! Hindemith 2005-2007 By the way if someone recognize his self feel free to post. Have many photos found in a lost and found CD like 12-13 yrs ago GT4 and Karrigan are from the few who actually still exist in Chronos nowadays! Plus some Cores https://imgur.com/a/2T1V9eM https://imgur.com/y53Jw3R https://imgur.com/Tti1EXI https://imgur.com/z6HRoBH https://imgur.com/e3q4NzL https://imgur.com/16hjoHG https://imgur.com/ra1CPBy
  6. This is a joke.....so this will not be a Pay2Win server but also seems its already Pay2Play ..... Why Juji didnt mentioned anything about the Overcrowded servers? He didnt knew maybe? Or he knew but he knew also that anyone would pay to be able to play? @Juji Any answer on that? It would be highly appreciated as I and about 500-1k more ppls facing login problems since server start, when others who donated for packs already are playing normally.... Thanks in advance!
  7. Ok this is annoying as frustrating.... So after im waiting at the queue to play counting 500+ to 0 , when the count going to 1 is giving me the message to close the client.... Is this a joke or what? We are waiting for hours to play and when we are reaching the source we cant walk into it? Any actions/suggestions i should take? Thanks in advance!
  8. Blast from the Past..... https://imgur.com/edvHfAC https://imgur.com/wrEcyPi https://imgur.com/CmjdhBU https://imgur.com/0zCp5te
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