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  1. Melee lag is unbearable these days....
  2. Hello @Hime @Juji After the latest update, enchanted exalted weapons now read "Can use an Exalted Spirit Stone to augment", there's no info on webstie or patch notes about this spirit stone, i also searched database websites and other region's patch notes, but could not find any information on this, can you explain what's this Exalted Spirit Stone and where or when can we get it? Thank you
  3. What do you mean its not cheaper? Dude half a year ago you could farm codex and runestones with Lias in Dimentional Crack? And you could also get them from all the other instances and bosses that were available to lower level characters, like crystal cavers, baylor, balok, kamaloka...etc. Just be real, dont be a hypocrite. Now what ways are there to get codex? they selling for 20kk each average, what does a player lower than 105 have to do to have a reasonble way to farm them? Credit card to the rescue
  4. Hi @Hime, what doest it matter that the NPC is in town until 4/29 if you can only get the dandy balls once? and you took off the npc that gave dandy's cheers after the 2nd day, do you think this is compensation enough? 4hours of 100% xp bonus along with 4 VP refills, and a 2hour buff that barely increased stats given once in 2 days ? This is just throwing sand to our face... You have such a big array of buffs and items you can give players to compensate for YOUR mistakes, and you give this... I mean, one thing is to have so many problems needed to be corrected, and I get that you cant solve th
  5. Lineage II Operations @LineageIIOps · 26m Replying to @LineageIIOps [#LineageII] and [#LineageIIClassic] Maintenance will be extended by additional 2 hours. We'll update once this is concluded. Thank you for your patience!
  6. What's this all about? There's no mention to balok being changed, neither in eu patch notes nor in ours. So why all the fuss about something that isnt regarded anywhere? Where did you see this information?
  7. Lineage II Operations @LineageIIOps · 17s Replying to @LineageIIOps [#LineageII] and [#LineageIIClassic] Maintenance will be delayed by 30 minutes. We'll update once this is concluded. Thank you for your patience!
  8. GM's we haven't got GM Buffs since Christmas... cmon man
  9. Lineage II Operations @LineageIIOps · 18s Replying to @LineageIIOps [#LineageII] Chronos server is back up! Have a great week!
  10. Lineage II Operations @LineageIIOps · 26m [#LineageII] Maintenance will be delayed by 30 minutes. We'll update once this is concluded. Thank you for your patience!
  11. Server is down man, calm down, still 25 min left till the 3hour mark
  12. Above the list says that all THOSE quests (in the list) and related items will be removed, but it also says bellow the list that which I quoted in my post, that some quests will be removed during the update, kinda vage information if we're talking about longsome quests.
  13. Hi, which quests are you talking about here? Like, Exalted quest with 80k item retrieval will be reset?
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