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  1. Server Fix !

    No need for any actions to resolve the issues stated in this discussion since we have CAT BUFF now...yeyyyyy +20% exp for 4 hours....server saved!!!
  2. Server Fix !

    @Juji we need better drop rates in adenas and spoil. You can implement the Drops/spoil rates that we used to have in Chronicle 4 official that are listed here in this really old website https://lineage.pmfun.com/ . OPEN ALL the catacombs Necropolice from 20 lvl t+ that are now closed, the following ones: Necropolis of Sacrifice: level 20~30 Pilgrims Necropolis: level 30~40 Heretics Catacomb: level 30~40 Worshipers Necropolis: level 40~50 Catacomb of the Branded: level 40~50 Patriots Necropolis: level 50~60 Introduce the ANCIENT ADENAS, BLUE - GREEN - RED Seal Stones. Dimensional Rift that used to be great fun. This will make it more fun for new players to play, to be able to make some money for consumables and low gear with HUGE FUN and will attract new players.
  3. Dear gm @Juji, maybe you must focus on fixing the server first. Wody made some excellent points that if you take into consideration and work on these points to fix, the classic servers will become a lot more fun to play and more people will join, thus a merge won't be needed. Hire @WoDy as a DEV, it seems he has more experience in the game (with no offense).