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    If they standat spot you cant understand but when they are moving its moves different than on macro. But today its doesnt matter bc macros can do all you need besides sucking a marsh mellow
  2. You are all big boys. are you? Capitalism(company as its kind) has only one reason to make anythings alive and it is getting money. Not those moneys of yours but theirs moneys with 6 zeroes after one. Remember it always you go to the big daddy. Thats why we all love NCsoft and 3-pc limit
  3. Bot don't have limits

    Bleach, black, dark,bot, light lives matter!
  4. It depends on your wallet. About 100 euro month enough to get pleaser. But you can spent more to additional entertainment privat. Look at your pm in Aden or Giran(?).
  5. Thx The client limit restriction has been changed to 3 clients per PC. You can win this battle. With new craft system and drop mechanics and account limits. Dont stop fight for my money. I even agree with l2store events every day.
  6. I was disconnected twice for four hours of playing. Not an olympiad but latency is on the priority.
  7. Dimensional Merchant abilities

    Is he available on NCwest?
  8. Letter Event

    You are trully right both and rangers on macros and pick up area is too short. You still can get some worthy items from this event for newbie.
  9. NCCOIN to adena

    Ncsoft can ban you/ You can not ban NCsoft it is nice difference indeed Don`t forget this, mother`s son until death.
  10. This game is for elite after 100 lvl, no hope insight. Pray in silence All forum is full of this kind of messages. I understand them they need last money after loosing his future bc of lineage 3.
  11. PARADISE LOST - No Hope In Sight
  12. Fishing How To

  13. Yesterday i tried this compass event. I am 101 Wynn. I was cheerfull and glad to get x 2 exp event. I entered compass dungeon killed 6 vawes normal mobs and i saw first boss - golem like robocop - i was in funny mood and i began to kill it. I spent 20 mins running in happieness and spending about 3 000 beast shots. i didnt kill it and i died about 15 times. It was funny but i didnt understand meaning of this event. Run and die spending good mood? Todoay i dont want to enter in this awful nasty meanenless dungeon no thx.
  14. Poll for Devs

    I want a poll about to make artifact book cost 630 000 adena two-weeks-event like celebrate a win against lag issue foe!
  15. I was really happy that i can purchase book but it was terrible fake. newpapers even is not close for this overhealming fake. Sad but true.