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  1. Poll for Devs

    I want a poll about to make artifact book cost 630 000 adena two-weeks-event like celebrate a win against lag issue foe!
  2. I was really happy that i can purchase book but it was terrible fake. newpapers even is not close for this overhealming fake. Sad but true.
  3. which class ??

    Class which has a passive ability to avoid the waiting line to enter the server hiding in shadows to enter freely I think its a gamemaster class
  4. Macro farm and exping

    Story of my not-friend. @I got 100 lvl and try to kill any mob in Giant cave(100 lvl mob). I couldnt. I tried to find party about 2 weeks to kill them. And i understood it was impossible. Then i went to SV and stood playing afk macro as all new players. Sometime i went to Baylor. After last update i stood afk macro in Blazing swamp as all new players. I played about 2 months to get 100 lvl. Now i am 101 lvl soon. But i dont know where to go and why. Blazing swamp is my rest in peace. And yes i got about 250 millions adena for that 2 months. Spent some on new skills after last update. But any weapon costs about 1 billion(clean).@ I saw that in some movie about drunkers they sit around and talk stories, same stories. I WAS CRYING FOR HIM crying for my not-friend destiny. And you?
  5. No drop no bots. I agree with ncsoft. I see desert locations and i am happy to get at any time any mob besides two or three locations with alive afk macros players. I like deserts they are mysterious and dead.
  6. Macro Upgrade

    Dont make from macros bots programm again. We liked walkerman but dont want walkerman 2.0 Lets die silently.
  7. Boxes for Eviscerator?

    U need good stuff. Without stuff ANY iss and healer is useless and waste of time in solo. Boxes dont give you opportunity to kill fast with profit so go and buy for real money weapon and armor then you feel free and happy with any boxes and event buffs. Or stay long at bloody swamp and blazing swamp untill next years update where lvl cap will be update and mobs 100+ stats become lower maybe or they change item production and you can craft rated equipment. Or find good party with other players(fantasy). Nothing depends on you in 100+ now only on your wallet.
  8. Manner mode

    They should make like in walk man 3.0.1 release 13 years ago. Go developers download it and see how it should work! And make square area of roaming(hunting) atleast! like in 3.0.2 version
  9. For old char after last update i said : Or go and buy from l2market R99 set(30 days)! NOW PS You are not lazy when did your work! Good boy. Get my congrats.
  10. You must been saved befor update heavy, light and robe set of paulina's and all kind of paulinas weapons. Its about 16 items and about 30 mins of work! Now you can biting your elbows, lazy man. Or go and buy from l2market R99 set(30 days)! NOW
  11. Macro Players

    Manner mode is useless in party and against unmanner basturds(bots maybe) - fix it ! Or should give us a great reason to use useless mechanic
  12. The L2store provides many opportunities!
  13. Whats about prelude of war update? I heard it comes soon.