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  1. I traded some soulshot coupons into beast soulshots and they don't seem to work. It's not applying to my weapon. Any solution to this issue or what am I missing?
  2. I can log in later at night and get VIP then, its no problem. @Cubic if you didn't even bother to spend any money, then I suggest you go to Giran or Aden server. You'll log-in in an instant.
  3. I gotta say he's right. Those who wants to stay in TI server, VIP is only 80 NCoin in-game shop, and you can get 400 NCoin for $5. Other than that most of you who didn't pay anything should move to Giran or Aden. I'm gonna become VIP to stay in TI. What about you guys?
  4. Same here. It gives 3 times the effort to re-log in just to get crashed again. And I tried to log in like several hours later and the client told me that the account is already in use. So it doesn't log me off until I run the client again after the crash. I'm confused.
  5. I don't mind the queue, its the crash that comes after...
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