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  1. Box's are trash

    $500 usd on box's and only got 1 core ring lvl 1. DONT BUY!
  2. This system is working good, i can pk over and over those dude's that deserve being perma pk. In fact, you dont even have to buy scrolls, there is a quest for doin this for free. If people will behave like dummy and will not fight, PK is the only solution.
  3. Is pdef/mdef included on this?, i know the main post dont say this but i wanted to ask because of the costs of killing this mob. I mean adena here (this places) is kind low, and items drop the same. If pdef/mdef dosnt get nerfed, costs of kill will remain and its not that fair thinking that other places have better adena drops.
  4. i think no nerf applied, only boost damage from buff (+30% dmg pve). But for sure not enough for regular grinding on IT.
  5. Olympiad broken system

    agree, +1, bring back old good days!
  6. Main char lvl 84, final gear, oly's results: 12 win - 3 lose. 1.038 points. SECOND PLACE this week. Competition lvl 78 char, midle gear, fighting box's and still losing, oly's resluts: 7 win- 3 lose. 1.043 points. FIRST PLACE this week. Can anybody tell me why this keep's happening? @Juji This "brand new" system oly is not working good. Please fix it, people losing hero with low boxed chars. This cant keep happening. Its seems to be that system matches low chars with low chars, and 80+ chars only with 80+. So giving free hero to not derserved players. I dont care fighting high gear and lvl people, but if i win them at least i deserve to receive the hero.
  7. Juji's gran-gran-granny? :)

    Juji is a "she".
  8. Baium Talismans next week?

    @Juji this cant be permanent, not fair for players who spent hours farming the true baium tali. This is a 3 billion value item, and there is an economy system behind it. Make gifts like exp runes, or fix adena rates for 80+ people, improve spoil, open at least 2 other castles for siege. But dont give people things away like this please.
  9. Baium Talismans next week?

    if this imprint talisman of baium is permanent... do you know how much adena and ncoin do ppl spent for acquire the TRUE Talisman of Baium?. So if this is true, from 3billions value atm aprox it goes to less than 300 millions adena.
  10. Baium Talismans next week?

    im sorry for being repetitive, its just i cant believe it. This Imprint Talisman of Baium is the one in the screen shot? it is permanent?.
  11. Baium Talismans next week?

    Can you explain this?. You gonna give ALL players 80+, a Baium talisman full stat with the option to +2 it?. Or, is gonna come clean and you can stack the +2 on it?.
  12. Blessed scroll resurrection

    But why?, in live servers i can buy them in AH (auction house) on packages of 100k of them. Why wouldnt i be able to bless resu myself?
  13. This was an very expected and so usefull item. But i only have 1 acc with VIP8++, so how can i use this blessed scroll of resurrection on my main char if i cant trade within my others chars?.