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  1. Manner mode totally off. Still happening.
  2. AUTO TARGET ON MACRO SYSTEM: In my farming party 1 char is main target and the other ones assist and atack. For some reason, the main target is giving 2 or even 3 targets. So, my chars got the aggro and eventually they get killed. MOB SPAWN GROUND: Mob is spawning over non regular ground. So you cant attack, or if you use a range debuff they snipe from those non regular places. GEOTEXTURES ISSUES: Chars get bugged in any place, small or big stones, ground details, etc. I dont know if anyone else is having any of this problems. I hope not, my chars keep dying for this...
  3. Bann PK GK Now!

    Until when will pk have global gk? Pk is a part of the game, but they never had GK. @Juji
  4. FIX PK teleport

    100% agree
  5. We Want The Old Olympiad Game Back

    NO WE DONT! Old oly's only brought fake heros to the game. People giving points and fake stuff's.
  6. @Juji Just bring back trick and switch please!
  7. I dont know why Ncsoft want to kill daggers. We need to cancel target to survive and kill. It's just common sense. They gave archer's UE lvl 2. Boost crit rate/dmg from skills. But hey are taking away all our skills, this is lame.

    This rank system only improve botters
  9. A short sad story.

    What is the problem of Classic developers with Daggers?, UE2 for archers and daggers get crapped.
  10. 1st night of Olympiad

    You have all that and lose against +0 char?. LOL You have to buy fingers now. NOOB
  11. L2 has improved

    Bot's own the game.
  12. log in problem???

    DC'ed and DEAD
  13. Both of them are fun to play. But no time and no money to play both. Just chose one and enjoy it.
  14. It's good for the market a few weeks like these, clean of all kind of event (except vourse attend.).
  15. Gl everyone

    You wasted 1500 and got nothing? LOL jajajajajjaja I got a very good pendant with 20 bucks-