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  1. 1st night of Olympiad

    You have all that and lose against +0 char?. LOL You have to buy fingers now. NOOB
  2. L2 has improved

    Bot's own the game.
  3. log in problem???

    DC'ed and DEAD
  4. Both of them are fun to play. But no time and no money to play both. Just chose one and enjoy it.
  5. It's good for the market a few weeks like these, clean of all kind of event (except vourse attend.).
  6. Gl everyone

    You wasted 1500 and got nothing? LOL jajajajajjaja I got a very good pendant with 20 bucks-
  7. I agree with P2W model business, but this is to soon. Regular players are still on 45-65 range lvl. Getting b grade items, now A-grade items and RUNES come out. We can not get a 5 grade +10 pendant yet, you should have waited for this a few months. To soon @Juji @Hime
  8. Spellbooks...

    I know some PP MAIN chars, that cant get their skills because of this... Lame.
  9. Desmond from .cl AO clan?
  10. smell's like botters spirits.
  11. I would pay more even to get free of all fruit things...
  12. Enchantment ***********

    Feel the same, even +6 on 2-3 months is wasted broken.
  13. If not gonna fix adena issue, plz PLZ at least, make GK free again.-
  14. the jugdment day is here

    Yeaaah! With acumen and +8! So fun (i jumped into Arcana Mace +8 to...riped some guys).