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  1. In fact, spoil is very good from TOI5 +++. Just need to reach those places first. If spoil where good at low lvls and spots, waves of bots spoiling everything would come.
  2. Enchant rates are broken. 6 ASEWS to make my weapon +10 and all failed, using lucky potions and all that kinda stuff who suppouse to increase your enchant rates. This means 6 ASEWS x 450.000.000 = 2.700.000.000 Billions and wasnt able to even obtain +1 more stage on my weapon?, is this even fair with my investment on this game?. In fact there was 7 scrolls wasted. Dont even talk about cloak rates, 200 scroll and my cloak got +2, TY for letting me have +2 cloak. Economoy's are broken, inside and outside the game but you still making imposible to players to improve their chars. You
  3. Skills on PVE are not landing. For example: HEX, this skill is not working on pve after lvl 81 mob. Can we fix this? or some classes it is a main farming and pvping skill.
  4. brooch JEWELL. I mean: Rubi lvl4-5 tradeable, or Aquamarine lvl4-5.
  5. In live server people can make brooch jewell tradeable when they reach lvl's 4-5. Possible on Classic?
  6. +1 on this. Evasion is a non working stat. L2 nerfer so much daggers... but why?, being a dagger is never easy, wwhy would you kill this classes?. Warriors now can cancel fight buffs, perma rush, perma stun. On daggers the only debuffs landing are: Critical Wound and Bleed. Not even bluff is working as intended. Not even talk about Shadow Step (it suppouse to micro-stun, but this never worked). I know this ppl love ponys, but can you at least stop nerfing some classes.
  7. You should start testing some chars skills. A LOT of debuff not landing. And A LOT more skills perma landing. How's possible to fight against something who puto you paralyzed for 6 minutes on oly's?? Do you even test or play this game, just to know if you doing good. I wonder if a cheff would deliver a meal w/o test whats he's doing. Im an engineer and i have to make field test every day to probe my work its fine...
  8. Capital: USD$250, payback 70% on items. Not worth for me. Take your own conclusions.
  9. Untill when top bosses gonna drop trash items?, ressources used to kill top bosses dosnt get paid by lame drop. Fix please.
  10. Im a gemstone A producer inside game, and 650k each its a very fair price, cheap in fact. You have those 350-400k/each couse an event, and thats event price, and event prices are allways lower than the regular ones. I trully hope i can get my regular 650k each gemstona A back.
  11. Why you doin this jaja ok i can wait -.-
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