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  1. staff - you should watch it

    Nice video, he's 25k hp on pony, but not unkillable. In many fights hp drops and got saved by BP. Impresive but he can dye.
  2. Economy in CHAOS!!!!

    Why? what's different? i'm being poor as allways in this game
  3. Hero ( Rewards) Need FIX

    He has a point, need something to make Oly's great again.
  4. 74+ whit B grade and no weapon

    Join an ally and fight bosses, you should get some drop. That's the only way for now.
  5. Join a clan and begg for some drop. I think that's the only way to climb.
  6. Event Suggestion

    So you dont want lvl restriction... ok ok let me think about it. BOT BOT BOT BOT BOT
  7. Pyra, Radi and the wind-water mob (cant remember names).
  8. I opened, what can i do? Didnt knew about this issue till now
  9. Any news or patch notes about armor changes? I was OE B-grade armor, now useless with this not notificated changes on A-grade armors (buff to A-grade armor). @Juji @Hime
  10. Feathers

    100% agree, must be perma item.
  11. Why dont sell feather of blessing as a permanent item on L2 store?. This was the only way to avoid pk char's savotage. I mean, i use 90% ress from bp on my pets, but at lvl79+++ that small losed % means hours and resources wasted, so feather was the only good way to ress my main. Please make this item permanent on L2 store. @Hime @Juji
  13. Adena Talismans / Hats

    Dont worry bro, we all know you bought your hero status. Dont even talk about your "thing" with Bepler for oly points. You're touching your tralalás each other.
  14. Manner mode totally off. Still happening.