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  1. No, just getting to +5 is difficult enchant. Then you have to make it Leather if you get to +5. You need 20 Dragon breath for that in addition to making it +5. Then once it's Leather, you have to enchant it up again to +5. Same difficult in enchant. If you get to +5 you then need something like 40 Dragon breath to make it next level. Then you have to enchant it up again and upgrade the status. See what I mean? You will need more than 100 enchant scrolls, unless you're the most lucky person on the planet. And if you're that lucky, quit game and go play the lottery.
  2. It's working, but there was like a 24 hour lag or something like that. Frankly, Prestige Pack isn't worth it, considering that if you spent $15 of ncoin on event items, you'd be much richer off than the 1 EAR or Rgem that you get a day. I know you get other benefits, but altogether still not that great. They need to update Prestige Pack with better items.
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