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  1. dc, dc ,dc, cant logg, dc ,dc, dc .nice server keep working on it
  2. server down?anyone knows anything about this?
  3. anyone has same problems like me?more than 2 hours w8ing to log?
  4. only 2 hours w8ing for the log queue queue queue
  5. s3r3nina


    a real joke we are w8ing 1 hour to log and if we log.do you realise how much time we need to log 3 clients?
  6. it was 10 mins before 22 mins ! everything goes well in this game
  7. i am trying at least 10 mins to logg in the game with this @@ing queue. and after that you are wondering why ppl leaving server .we are good to pay but not good enough to get real suport
  8. dagger 107/archer 105 active lf for pve active clan lvl 11 pm me ingame s3r3nina!
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