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  1. Main - Dual exchange service

    Hi. Sorry, I'm kinda new here. How do we easily change jewels, augmented brooch, talisman, full dyes sets, etc., to a new character without incurring any additional cost? Is there a quest or something to do this? I mean it's one thing to say that we have the option to play our dual class and get the benefit, but this sounds like they aren't giving us a choice. We have to play our main, or else we don't get the rank or boosts. I started playing a dagger for my main, but then rolled an archer as my dual, which I now play all of the time. I love the archer! I don't mind starting over and leveling up again, because I'm only 102. But some of those "bound" items that I mention can't be moved or replaced as far as I know without taking out a major bank loan. I just don't have that kind of money right now. Plus, since most of those items are seasonal promotions, it's a safe bet that we'll be on our next update before I have a chance to replace those items. Please tell me there is a work around. Thanks!
  2. Crystals of Determination

    Crystallize R99 weapons is a very expensive route, though. Probably isn't worth it to upgrade to Krishna until you have to. An OE R99 weapon worked fine for most people through level 106, right?
  3. Returning player - R grade,skills

    I'm finding this game is not viable. Get to 85 quickly is great. But how do you make enough adena IN GAME to afford the weapons and equipment after you reach R grade? Drops are almost nonexistent. There aren't any quests that give you billions of adena, no matter how many times you do them, unless you're lucky enough to get Zariche and hold onto the demon weapons for a day or whatever. It looks like most people are either already rich in game due to age of game, or are getting a second loan on their home to play this game.
  4. Krishna Limited Weapon Glows

    Do Limited Krishna weapons glow in greenish color at normal enchant levels, or only at really high levels like +16 and above? I saw one today and want that glow too.