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  1. what we need are some people to go and clean out the pkers , that could be fun - maybe it gives something for the whales to do? we are trying to catchup er maybe we can't haha.
  2. I think this person has a conscience is all, but your right he shouldn't take this game serious - but to each his own right?
  3. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    Friyan - I also know other NCsoft games welcome gearing you up really well and its not that hard to get really good gear within months - "AION" ring a bell NCsoft.. you can do it for your customers yes you can I believe in you..
  4. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    I came back just to see what was going on.. and just had to LOL NCsoft really.. I was in a GC lower doing 300 mobs and our party was made up of 101 Plus toons, we get a morning star member I won't name the toon but it was an archer, and he was doing some amazing damage to the mobs I was so impressed. He basically was carrying our party for a while , I asked him to link his red bow - +13 and some awesome stuff added to it. Now I know for a fact that this dude or chick or IT either put out some amazing $$$ cha ching or his clan really helped him out getting that blood bow , and armor. I don't blame him for making an excuse that his SShots were not working to leave our poorly geared group.. but this really needs to be addressed ASAP for us toons that don't have stuff like that. what good is it going to be if we are under geared heading to 105 Plus Content and we can't even kill stuff -"really wanted to say Sh*it". come on people we need a fix here in this game.