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  1. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    I cant log in. Never happened to me. Just happened after today maint! Pls do something!
  2. WTB Mithril Tunic+6 and Karmian Stocking+6 Pm ingame Juano1, Talking Island server. Tnx!
  3. Sps 62 top gear lf CP latin/english [Talking Island] pm ingame Juano1 =)
  4. WTS Karmian Gloves+8!!!

    PM Juano1 for offers!
  5. WTB Stable EAD or Improved EAD. PM Juano1. Talking Island
  6. WTB Staff TopC+3 !!!

    WTB Staff topC+3. Whisp ingame Juano1. Tnx
  7. Hi, WTB Atuba+6+7+8, Sage Staff+3 or similar. PM Juano1 (Server TI)
  8. WTB Atuba Hammer, Atuba MAce, Ghost staff, goat staff+4+5 or any topD grade Mage Weapon. PM Juano1 Tnx!
  9. WTS Spelbook Summon Aqua Cubic and Spirit Sharing or trade for Spelsinger books (Aura Flash, Clear Mind, etc) PM Juano1
  10. Spellbook Trading

    I have Summon Aqua Cubic and Spirit Sharing and want to trade them for Clear Mind, Aura Flash or others... pm Juano1 in Talking Island Server
  11. WTS Spelbook Death whisper. PM Juano1 for offers!
  12. WTS Atuba Mace Top Mage gun

    whisp me to Juano1
  13. WTB top D-grade weapon

    whisp me Juano1 in Talkking Island or tell me your nickname ingame
  14. WTB top D-grade weapon

    Hi, WTB Goat head Staff // Atuba Mace // Demon Fang or similar high/top D-grade Wizard weapon. PM Juano1 Tnx =)
  15. WTB top mage NG weapon

    whisp Juano1 ingame, server Talking Island =)