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  1. Game Crashes Pop Up Error Message

    Hey same thing is happening to me since the update. I think it might be related to the use of the new Manner Mode. IT IS ANNOYING, PLEASE SOLVE IT ASAP @Juji Tnx in advance
  2. I also noted that rewards from large seeds is nerfed since 2-3 days ago. And also Emperor are much harder to get. Now only get Gems A and Melody scrolls
  3. Just that. I didnt notice anything in the patch notes regarding to the weekly enchantint quest...lf info. Tnx in advance
  4. Login Down?

    Hi, I cant login in l2classic server but can login in Naia server using same account...Anyone else having this problem? Tnx

    just close the door after you leave
  6. SpS lvl 70, Evil Staff+3, Set Karmian+6 lf CP(Latin/English). PM Juano1 ingame
  7. same problem here and a lot of friends too!!!
  8. Hey same problem here XingCode! I guess BOTS are still playing wjile legits cant login. Good job Ncsoft, make L2 great again!
  9. l2.bin not responding

    same shit here...
  10. Exactly same problem here and same timing...
  11. Xincode failed

    Hi, same error here. I have been playing fine, went to sleep, and now cant log in =( Help pls.
  12. Hi, WTB Improved Scroll EAC/EWC and Stable Scroll EAC/WC. pm Juano1 or send mail Tnx in advance!
  13. [Talking Island] WTS: -Karmian Set +6+6+8 -Mithril Set +6+6+6 -Avadon Robe Set -Stable EAC WTB: -Improved/Stable EWC -Receipe Neck Black Ore PM Juano1 ingame. Tnx!
  14. Hi, Im SpS 65 with top gear lf CP (latin/english). I play a lot! I have KArmian Set+6 and a SE box lvl 61 with +6 set also, so I have unlimited mana =) Tnx! PM to Juano1
  15. Connectivity Issues Update - 1/15

    I cant log in. Never happened to me. Just happened after today maint! Pls do something!