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  1. paulina twilight

    yes i know. but u cant with ertheias with dual class.
  2. paulina twilight

    Hello, I'm returning user and I noticed that now all players get paulina twilight gear for complet the second transfer. my question is @Hime, what's about the returning user with old characters with no gear? I played before when we got paulina items for 30 days and red libra weapons. now I don't even have any item. just paulina S gear. its possible we can get those new twilight gear with old characters? because this game before was so unfriendly with new players.
  3. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    I keep saying that, since the server came up, all noticed Giran server was overpopulated. then other servers was on the list, but even u were lvl 10, keep trying to play on a overpopulated server. and this is not nc soft problem. if they put more capacity, more ppl will try to play there and u will have queue anyway. its ur problem for know about this and try to play there if u know the problem. its like u want to take a taxi, but the taxi is full and u want to enter anyway. there was a way to move the packs from server. u were too lazy to start again when u had a toon lvl 10 only.
  4. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    everyone knew since the beginning giran and talking island was always full. and they keep trying to log in in those servers anyway. then coming to complain about they can't log in, if the server is made for a "x" quantity of players. if dev team add more slots for more players, more players will join to those eternal queue. the dev team did a solution: make more servers and u are not taking the solution. what's the point of keep trying to force ur log in on a full capacity server. sorry if I sound rude but it's not smart at all. it's like take a full taxi and u wanna in anyway, even with another empty taxis near. u had a lot of time to change server. u were only lvl 20. that's nothing.
  5. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    so stop crying here and make drama. its ur fault for complaings for playing 3 days lol
  6. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    they did something and did another servers. u keep playing since those days instead to see the solution. u were max lvl 15 or 20, nothing to lose to start to play in the other server. but if u wanna keep making a queue in a full server, is not a dev fault. u dont understand that make some changes could make the server unestables. thats why exist many servers and not just 1.
  7. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    since the day 1 the servers was full. and they did another servers really soon to those days. thats ur fault cuz u keep playing in a full server.
  8. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    why ppl still complaining about the queue? there's 4 servers and they still trying to log in to talking island or giran. the queue means the server is full. try to play in another server and this will solve ur problem.
  9. [News] Golden Compass Event

    well.... this event is for DD classes and for higher and geared players. Juji and hime should think about the new players. Dev team only cares about old ppl and new ppl get tired and leave before they reach lvl 99. well.... as always I dont think GM could read us. never do it on this things. anyway. i better wait for aion for the next week.
  10. Chronos/Naia Merge

    the only problem we have in live servers, is the unfriendly game with the new players. all is based on higher lvl players and when new ppl come to play, they leave when Paulina twilight set disappear. and thats why because u can't play live servers without spend real money. many ppl buy adenas to other players for real money, everybody knows it. I was lucky when I start on chronos because a friend invited me and he gave me stuffs for free. Dev team should think about this. players get bored about don't have gear to farm instances because u don't get adena in quest or drop. and spoil and crafting is nerfed as hell... no new players = low population in live servers. please, look at Aion. take the goods ideas from them about the 6.2 coming this month on NCwest. HEAR US. we are ur players. without players there's no server. don't commit the same mistake as MxM.
  11. Chronos/Naia Merge

    NO NO NO. please. don't merge those servers. chronos it's okay without max, for many reasons that are not allowed to be mentioned here.

    that's not the way of ask for solution. even if u are playing for free.
  13. New Lineage II Classic Server: Aden

    any answer about the dead penalty @Hime? you did a post with changes for tomorrow but we still are ignored about this and this bug is not on the post today.
  14. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    I always been fortune seeker but in live servers the spoil rate is nerfed as hell. I dont want to play an useless class again for long years. -.-
  15. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    any answer about the dead penalty?