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  1. Hey NC soft team. Just for you to know that server settings on GIRAN CLASSIC are not right. Yesterday we had 150% adena drop rate for lvl 75 chars and above. Today the same characters are making exactly 1/3 of the yesterdays adena. Thats a nerf of more than 150% please adress this, or server setting after restart can be wrong like it was 2 weeks ago (and then u hot fixed it) when you gave us this AWSOME server settings
  2. I come here just to ask for the NCsoft team responsible for classic Lineage 2 to talk to skelth team, brainstorm ideas, so that our servers don't end up like skelth. Hope you listen the players, because.some.of them have awsome ideas. Best regards
  3. I come here just to ask for the NCsoft team responsible for classic Lineage 2 to talk to skelth team, brainstorm ideas, so that our servers don't end up like skelth. Hope you listen the players, because.some.of them have awsome ideas. Best regards
  4. Server Fix !

    Well Giran server, after this answer from this called moderator "PhoneixMitra" i think we are all done. All the things that we said By RHIKEY / SILENT13 / Tools of Society / reaper are the truth!!! THis is a game with 15 years old...we are all grown up man and woman that play this for the nostalgia!!!! THATS it!!! All the ppl that are here for at least 1 year know that what reaper said is the truth!! But even that being truth, we knew that and still play. Playing a game to lvl up until max lvl (1 year and half later, only 3 whales did it and i bet that 90% of the ppl 82+ are whales too) is one of the goals. To reach that without using SoulSHOT cause the adena does not cover the costs??? ITS UNACCEPPTABLE. We are on 2020.....i am almost max lvl on a MMO and i cant farm cause i cant earn money in game to farm? Thinking of having another separate party on my PC just to farm some adena so i can cover costs on my main char of the BSS or SS??? are you for real?? in 2020??? Aion, WoW, Tera, BdO, FinalFantasy, Elder Scrolls....if i say that to any player of those games they will laugh at my face!!! AND THEY ARE RIGHT!!!!!!!! It's absolutly UNACCEPTABLE the 3 answers we got from this 7 pages of posts are polite answer of "things being forwarded". WE are WEST players!!!!!!!!! Not koreans!!!!!!!!!!!!! our game mentality is different!! there are reasons for some MMO to be successfull only in west or east and you know those reasons!! I said early that the ppl (person/clan) that started this topic are the ppl that are destroying the server, and i mantain that idea.But many things were said is this topic that if you listen and try to implement them it would be awsome. U reach 3rd class lvl 80 and then what? farm XP zones with no SS to get 5% per week, and to get PK every single day??? Farm adena zones, to get 1% per week and not adena to cover the SS and SO costs?? cant farm RB lvl 80 as a live clan activity cause theres a clan with overpowered gear (because of the constant pay to win events) that with barriers breakers on BOT destroy every lvl 80 RB in 1 min?? Sieges with only 1 castle that if the 2 most overpowered mages (Daimon and eddiev2 with 48k M.ATTACK!!!!) shows up they can 1 shot 95% of the server alone???? NC soft right now, after your harassment is like this: Give me..GIVE the players, 1 reason for us to continue to play here??? An official server its suppose to have better support and stability to last years, thats why official is prefered to illegal servers and right now...with this?? i will have more fun on a illegal server ,that after 1 year closes ,than on this server. All the players that i started with,...some of them whales...left....i allways knew they were right....bye bye
  5. Server Fix !

    It's funny that the people that destroyed this server, are the ones whining to the GM's about the current state of the server. in my perspective, the only way to try and fix the server right now is this: - Free give away 30 days C grade weapons and armor to the new players. - find a way to stop the non stop PK on the server or else the people that started this petition will continue the Red raids ( if the farm spot is taken...PK. summoners killing players while mounted..lol...what a joke.) - put a limit on the accounts that you can login at the same time like the old days. Epics RB are being farmed by bots, adena is being farmed by bot in low lvl places but also on catacombs and everywhere...server is destroyed. Economy is destroyed because it is controled by people that are not NC soft but are business man/woman that can use loaders and bot keys for 70 toons at the same time and farm everything. NC soft, find a way to answer those issues and maybe the server lives, if not...Giran will merge in a couple of months, to a single classic server..and its bye bye L2 on official servers...unless u prefer to keep the rich whales around..spending money on a pay to win event every 2 weeks and dont care if the server is for the players that like to play L2..or the players that like to pay L2 Hope you see this. By the way i edit this post to just say that i saw many people saying: "i am VIP 7 and i agree with this post". its so sad seeing ppl that used that argument passing away the idea that because they spent thousands of dollars they are more important than the people that didnt spent at all.. sad...so sad. Server died not because of the decisions of NC soft..but because of the decisions of the players...at least i had some fun and made friends Lvento - 80 Cardinal