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  1. Problem is not the queue, problem that many Brazilians are having and not being able to log in to the server, where we send tickets and the support says shamelessly that our connection is not supported, we ask that the support kindly provide a list of approved providers, since the lineage 2 is the only online game where "there are unsupported connections", you have a serious problem with bots, and are blocking connection ports for honest users, this comes from the update of 03/11, at this time I am playing in the euro and I sincerely waited 1 year for the cloak event, and I didn’t just enjoy i
  2. preference for bots than players -.-", queuing and not limiting customers, 90% of players today are bots, l2 team unfortunately, is playing without conditions, you wait 30 minutes because there are many bots 24/7
  3. and there we go in the soft minions, loggin queue will go from 2 hours to 4 now ahshash, nc is decreeing the end of the loggin queue game instead of limiting clients accounts
  4. when I read this post I remembered the minions running to and fro
  5. 2 hr so i can log in how much the game is infested with boot, i will buy bot software instead of ncoin, ncsoft good job
  6. would not be better, limit client 5 per ip or 3 client per pc, you are destroying the game, today if taking dc in one instance loses the instance and it is impossible to log in less than 30 minutes, and the bots are 24/7, of all measures nc made the worst decision are signing the end of the game !!
  7. não seria melhor, limite cliente 5 por ip ou 3 cliente por pc, você está destruindo o jogo, hoje se tomando dc em uma instância perde a instância e é impossível logar em menos de 30 minutos, e os bots são 24 / 7, de todas as medidas nc fez a pior decisão estão assinando o fim do jogo
  8. This problem is happening to me too, problem that is impossible to instantiate -.- ", so far we had no return on possible solution will be like this ??
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