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  1. Open a damn p2p server, 25$ a month, make the rates normal, no more UFO adena/exp/drop nerfs, add ncstore with just skins/vitality pots. You are welcome. @Juji
  2. Why doesn't someone from the staff answer these posts? ... da hell is wrong with this company?
  3. I think its really expensive to play this game, usually in MMO's when you spent money you get something to actually help you in game by progresing (besides skins etc) but here... not so much. First of all the content basically does not exist, the economy is all messed up, the game is free to play only in theory, because the reality is you need to spend some money to actually play even at the lowest term, and its not even a small amount like spending 200$ and being all set up towards getting to the end goal, no... You actually have to spend money for everything, if you want to upgrade anythin
  4. I just started and I litterally have nothing, the game changed so much I have no clue about most things. However as in any game these days im willing to spend a few a bucks in order to play. My question is: is it worth to buy that exalted armor bundle thing and scrolls to make it +10? or are there better ways to spent 50$ as a new player? and if so woot are there? I dont trust those RMT things that players keep spamming about... but ... lets be honest i might have to resort to that at one point i guess..
  5. first of all, the current servers dont even reach 2k players combined. Secondly there are no new players willing to spend that much money, the ones that are playing are already stacked up, so their income is actually getting lower thats why they become so greedy, they simply dont make as much as they did before and they are squeezing all they can. A p2p server, build properly will at least guarantee them some constant income.
  6. its because the "core" community is missing on NCsoft servers, let me put it this way: you have players with stacked items that spend their monthly wages on the game, you have grinding players who spend the minimum amount just enough to get pass, and you have the new players trying to find some gameplay. On NCsoft you have 90% of the first kind...stacked players who dont need to get supports cuz they can solo anything, and the rest are the other players from your category, meaning the players you need to find so you can play supports dont exist or are extremely hard to find, this is what kille
  7. hey @Juji are there any plans to open a pay to play server without having to spend 5k dollars per month in the shop in order to play the game? Just open a damn 10 dollarz per month server and remove all that crap from the store. How many new players (that actually keep playing) did the server attract in the last... 2 years?the current system is not working, everything is going down the crapper, better make some good management moves and try to save the little reputation ncsoft has left, oh wait... kinda late for that.
  8. look... the servers are all new, open another EU server, 2k people waiting in Q is not normal, when the pop will drop merge them and voila... IVE BEEN WAITING FOR 3 DAYS TO PLAY. @Hime
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