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  1. @Juji after we solve this problem and server back to normal, are we getting any reward or any event that can pay us the angry that we are experiencing right now?
  2. Are u afraid to loose ur entire party of bots?
  3. Hello NCteam. I'm doing this post because of the recent problems that many players is going through, that's include me. I'm very disappointed with you, we all like the game, we all have friends that have quit the game, but we are still here. Since the last update, we are having trouble about lag/DC issues, there are many post on the fórum that make my words, but you guys seems have giving no shit about players complaining. There's no oficcial post or words comming from you. Of course, this problems seems not affect USA or near players. I don't know whats going on, but I'm a 100% sure tha
  4. Vitality potion remains, but rune EXP still counting.
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