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  1. It happened to me as well a while ago man, only it was a public store, but either way, I didnt get any help as it is seen as your own mistake, and it cannot be refunded. sorry that it happened...
  2. Noticed it as well. Before the hot rate was usually seen, as if the character was always in the mode of hitting, but I might be wrong, where it was patched and they nerfed if overall. (only seen with fist weapon I guess)
  3. Hey, you should also consider what you would like to play as mostly, but also, it is worth mentioning that you can take a dual class later on. So if you have decided to go Archer, you can take a dual class that’s a Dagger. An easy solution to your decision there. Both classes share the same equipment except for the weapon mainly of course, other than that, they’re pretty similar. And on which race you should pick? It’s basically up to you, as they do get almost the same skills after awakening (4th class), and the minor stats later on don’t matter as much as they have used to do.
  4. I'm assuming the same situation is on the Classic servers. Be patient, it's almost over. Thanks https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17571-character-creation-disabled-until-422/?tab=comments#comment-119917
  5. Heya, take a look here, and your question will be answered. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17571-character-creation-disabled-until-422/?tab=comments#comment-119917
  6. The NA servers are experiencing queues on their servers, not for the first time. On the opening of Classic servers, the situation was the same. As Draecke mentioned, it is most likely that the population will collapse again once the quarantine is over globally, I guess you could say - look at it from the other side, enjoy the populated servers while they last. Of course the queue is no fun, they've already taken action with stopping new character creation, so they are aware.
  7. If it is L2 Revolution, you can't merge the character since it's NOT the same game. Lineage 2 and Lineage 2 Revolution are 2 different games. Sorry to tell you but you can't do that.
  8. What faction are you actually talking about? The thing is, there are a lot of factions ingame and it's hard to help you when you don't specify. The thing is, Faction quests are all daily (well all of that I know of) and you should never be able to get stuck.
  9. Juuzou


    You should select the "Orfen" edition / page layout in the L2 Wiki. What are you specifically looking for? Most of the items are there the last time I checked. You can also check 4games forums but they're in Russian so if you can work with google translations then yeah, they probably have a lot more official information about the game.
  10. You should delete your thread lmao. This is not Skelth dude, go on their forums.
  11. Are you sure it's on Live servers? @mihaioh All of the most important NPC's in Live servers are in Talking Island up until lvl 20. The important ones are in the following places: Talking Island Explorational Zone 1-5 Talking Island Village Museum (which can be entered through Pantheon I think the first NPC) And then the Church, where your race masters are. I don't really remember the name "Chakeren" from the 1st class change so check again if you're doing the right thing. I mean it's a bit hard to get lost tbh.
  12. It's not really any different from the Classic servers. The system works nearly the same, as the PvP you flag and you can flag back. You don't get flagged when hitting a chaotic character. Clan members of a dark castle having Elite in this case and wearing a Dark Cloak can be killed without getting PK. Over 4 PK's (I think it was 4 or 3, don't recall) you basically have a chance of dropping an item. If the item is in example augmented, it can't be dropped so instead it burns and nobody gets it. I think that's pretty much it, but it doesn't differ a lot from the Cla
  13. I think @Yidao actually mentioned it before somewhere I can't recall but I think the thing is that NCWest will never create anything like that. There are a few good ones made by the Koreans, you should check it out they are not bad. But regarding a movie, nope nope and nope. If Yidao sees this he can elaborate. I just remember reading it.
  14. I found the 50 element attack attribute from the shop kind of useful, since with Ench Shadow Fists and everything else (without opal) I managed to get an augument of +70 attack attr instead of spending 1.5b on crit dmg 15% (yes im poor) i kept the augument and actually went on having around 750 attack attribute. that's I feel the point where you notice a difference . https://imgur.com/FjN8GUh
  15. Hey kiss, I played my Iss Hierophant up until 103 and as far as I could recommend you is this: I played with +8 Light armor set cuz of the -10% cdr Frintezza is needed as well, since -10% cdr as well there. Focus on maximizing your HP and pdef to a maximum. Since it's a box, try to get as much HP as possible for survivability since you're not going to be doing anything much. I did just fine with my setup up until 103, and now light gear is useless in these 103 instances. I had a basic R gr 1h weapon with 25% HP and 12/13 Hp/Mp setup as the cheap way out, I ma
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