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  1. Ahh then it seems I've been moved 2 times just like you... Well if another merge is upon us then maybe it would be fun to watch what happens I guess... Thanks
  2. Spider Quest Nerf - What to do 18-24 now?

    Well, the best choice for you is to go AC, and you can easily just go solo there without a party. There are a few good spots there for a solo player with a few buffers. And don't be mistaken, while the XP is great there, you can easily farm around 50-70k adena in an hour of nonstop farming there. (with vip1 yes) Edited: And later on you can move everywhere where you see the party matching for your level is.
  3. I doubt it. And for new servers? Well some time ago there was a new server opened, Zaken, and I remember it was being launched because the game was launched on Steam. Well, Zaken got quickly ruined since Truffle noticed the chance and made the right to choice to reach max levels in a short amount of time and now look. Since they merged to Chronos it's only been hell for them. He had all the free time farming in Zaken all alone and when he got to Chronos he had almost every advantage above other players... Well, I guess Draecke could tell you more about this since he's in chronos.... so yeah... And people told that MAX being in the dead server Bartz or was it Magmeld I don't remember now, they had free time too. A few top clans even left to the dead servers for one "obvious" reason. SO I dunno... it's risky
  4. Tell me more about this, now I'm intrigued. Would like to hear if there is any time gonna be ANOTHER merge for our servers... I've been moved like 3 times now? I lost count...
  5. Spellbook Drop Rate Issue

    Then move on, try farming other books my friend and try to change them for the one you want. Once the mob goes light blue-ish, I heard you instantly get a bit of a penalty from drops and experience as well that you get? So I'd suggest moving on and I'm sorry to hear that you didn't find what you were looking for. Sometimes it pays off better to kill mobs with a little bit of a smaller rate of dropping them but a bigger quantity of them. And a more crowded place where you don't need to run as much as in SoS (it's a pain in the ass i know, me personally I don't like spots that are foggy, they make me feel sad and just not up for playing so i choose other spots that are visually more beautiful, that does the trick for me ^^) Good luck <3
  6. Spellbook Drop Rate Issue

    Umm no? You need to be REALLY lucky. I wasn't botting or anything. No reason in quitting if you don't have f.ex. Hex. Get yourself together my dude. You'll get the books in time. It's not supposed to drop in 2 hours like for me. I should've had farmed there for a week to be lucky for a drop and for it to be the book I wanted. GRIND. EAT. SLEEP. REPEAT.

    Dude, the maintenance... is actually for 2 hours now: Look http://l2.laby.fr/status/
  8. WHAT on earth is going on?

    That's incredible commitment, respect for that. Buuut I wish you better luck in other concepts of the game, maybe the next event will bring you luck buddy, you still have a chance tho to get something, over these weeks my CP has pulled out 2 Light Crossbows from the event. I guess we've just gotten lucky compared to most of the people. HF GL
  9. Spellbook Drop Rate Issue

    I mean... it's all Korean Luck. This is what I experienced from my CP: My clannie/cp went on for 6 days straight almost after he hit lvl 40 (he has vip 4) to farm for I think it was a speelbook in some orc teritory? I think he was trying to get DW or something like that. WELL, he didn't get any spellbook, grinding for around 5-7 hours daily at the exact spot. Hmm, what do you know, me, myself I am VIP 1 for the queue sake (damn that's broke) and I went down to Ivory Crater for some farm and for the sake of "Oh well, I need DW spellbook for my Prophet so I might as well go there to farm a bit with my Warsmith". I farmed there for LITERALLY 2 hours, maybe less since I was afk'ing a bit and what do you know:P I got the damn DW spellbook, from maybe a few houndred Marshian Gargoyles or what ever they are called. SO, you can't really discuss any chances/% rates here since there are NONE basically exact numbers, since the L2 wiki as you know don't sync up with NCWest. Therefore, please... Stop bitching around for some random Korean luck, since as you know, is just pure LUCK. I mean.... I know it's pathetic... but don't take it for granted. Just, chill a bit I guess. If you can't drop the spellbook, you'll need to buy it eventually then. Simple as that.
  10. Switch between spsd and bssd

    It can basically change randomly, I haven't noticed yet when it occurs exactly but yeah. If you have the 2 different types of spiritshots they change just against your will, even though you had selected the normal ones sps
  11. Basically the only reason you would want your own crafter/spoiler is for your own and only your own purposes. As Argus stated above, there are still plenty of dwarfs sitting in Aden providing their services. I only had one craft, not a spoiler, but at that point, a few years back the Dwarves had the best LUC I think? Now with all of the Exalted books and etc you can easily surpass the Dwarves with your ertheia classes as well with some good LUC dyes. My only point at that time was of enchanting with my dorfie And for some fun you can as well go check my Youtube channel where I did some Enchanting, so you can maybe take inspiration or something. Youtube.com/ogasL2
  12. WHAT on earth is going on?

    This, just made me giggle a bit when I saw the 9 clients, OMEGALUL Like it's all casual.... "Naah none of my 3-4 computers that I have with full clients got dc, pretty normal right?" LEL.... a bit funny wont you say?
  13. Lost my gift event.

    I like how OP is just being aggressive to the others cuz he doesn't understand what he's reading lmao. Buddy you said Which we understood as you using the Bottle of 20 minutes of Halloween Buff, which does not reward you with the Halloween box, where you can get rewards. End of story LEL
  14. So I guess he just never checked enough stores to point out one more thing? That's actually a bigger problem? The ones you've listed are not dumb sellers, as quoted above they are smart. But what about the people who actually and literally abuse and take advantage of the newbie players? Ex: Selling Stems as they were different Bow Shafts and Soulstones as they were D Crystals? Heh, I found it funny, but it's sad sometimes seeing people with good intentions get scammed (dunno if it's called scam lol don't take it for granted)?
  15. Well, if that's your first AQ, then it looks like you're around 1-2 weeks behind us in Giran, since I think AQ has fallen like 2-3 times already? Correct me if I'm wrong. But nice with the ring! Good drop. We experienced very various drops from the AQ, one time a hell of a lot of drops, then the other way less. Just a heads up. Nice.