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  1. Playing Mobile App and On computer

    If it is L2 Revolution, you can't merge the character since it's NOT the same game. Lineage 2 and Lineage 2 Revolution are 2 different games. Sorry to tell you but you can't do that.
  2. Special Missions

    What faction are you actually talking about? The thing is, there are a lot of factions ingame and it's hard to help you when you don't specify. The thing is, Faction quests are all daily (well all of that I know of) and you should never be able to get stuck.
  3. weapons

    You should select the "Orfen" edition / page layout in the L2 Wiki. What are you specifically looking for? Most of the items are there the last time I checked. You can also check 4games forums but they're in Russian so if you can work with google translations then yeah, they probably have a lot more official information about the game.
  4. Banish Seraph

    You should delete your thread lmao. This is not Skelth dude, go on their forums.
  5. Are you sure it's on Live servers? @mihaioh All of the most important NPC's in Live servers are in Talking Island up until lvl 20. The important ones are in the following places: Talking Island Explorational Zone 1-5 Talking Island Village Museum (which can be entered through Pantheon I think the first NPC) And then the Church, where your race masters are. I don't really remember the name "Chakeren" from the 1st class change so check again if you're doing the right thing. I mean it's a bit hard to get lost tbh.
  6. PK/PvP System

    It's not really any different from the Classic servers. The system works nearly the same, as the PvP you flag and you can flag back. You don't get flagged when hitting a chaotic character. Clan members of a dark castle having Elite in this case and wearing a Dark Cloak can be killed without getting PK. Over 4 PK's (I think it was 4 or 3, don't recall) you basically have a chance of dropping an item. If the item is in example augmented, it can't be dropped so instead it burns and nobody gets it. I think that's pretty much it, but it doesn't differ a lot from the Classic. @LukeTrov
  7. Please make Lineage Movie

    I think @Yidao actually mentioned it before somewhere I can't recall but I think the thing is that NCWest will never create anything like that. There are a few good ones made by the Koreans, you should check it out they are not bad. But regarding a movie, nope nope and nope. If Yidao sees this he can elaborate. I just remember reading it.

    I found the 50 element attack attribute from the shop kind of useful, since with Ench Shadow Fists and everything else (without opal) I managed to get an augument of +70 attack attr instead of spending 1.5b on crit dmg 15% (yes im poor) i kept the augument and actually went on having around 750 attack attribute. that's I feel the point where you notice a difference . https://imgur.com/FjN8GUh
  9. Prophet + DC

    Hey kiss, I played my Iss Hierophant up until 103 and as far as I could recommend you is this: I played with +8 Light armor set cuz of the -10% cdr Frintezza is needed as well, since -10% cdr as well there. Focus on maximizing your HP and pdef to a maximum. Since it's a box, try to get as much HP as possible for survivability since you're not going to be doing anything much. I did just fine with my setup up until 103, and now light gear is useless in these 103 instances. I had a basic R gr 1h weapon with 25% HP and 12/13 Hp/Mp setup as the cheap way out, I maxed around 100k hp with rose with that build. Never went the cdr dual class skill since it seemed useless in comparison to what I already had, which gave me the ability to cast POM even when it had 40 seconds remaining on the player and my CD already was down. Just try maximizing those stuff and you should be fine. Don't forget the golden rule, Wiz before BR/PoM with Hierophant. Gl Hf
  10. Latest Yul Guide

    Well that's because they maybe cannot afford a pve and a pvp weapon, so they go the cheaper way out to get more dmg, and they probably just focus more on PvE than rather PvP
  11. Latest Yul Guide

  12. Sahya class

    It's definitely not a common class. People who play it mostly are focused on PvP with their main class as Sahya and often picks a Feoh/healer for more PvE influence. A good balance between the two. Personally I love it, You can be outgeared but still outplay a higher level char with better gear than you in a 1v1 pvp. It's up to you tho, it's a fun class, unique. Worth playing IMO if you want to play for 2 classes simultaneously since Sahya's are worthless in a way in later game when it cames to mass aoe farming and you'll have a hard time making your faction levels in AOE areas, that's when your dual class comes in hand ^^ Have Fun!
  13. system requirements

    I mean, I have an old laptop with an Intel core 7 i think and has around 8 gb ram and it works fine. The optimization of this game is really bad so no matter what PC you have - you will nearly anyway get some FPS drops in Aden for example. But I've ran the game on low graphics without a problem on a Laptop with Intel 3, 2gb RAM, but I would say 4gb ram is enough, and the gpx doesn't really matter if you just try to play for the game and not graphics:P TL:DR the game requirments are LOW
  14. R-Grade

    That's why you don't go trio kartia so you get the XP intended for your level and gear. If you can't manage an instance with 3 ppl, then go 5 or 7 and get less XP. Basically, you can generate adena from various ways. You can just be a re-seller like a lot of people, or even SSD crafter and still generate money steadily. Just need to be creative.
  15. got ban for nothing

    Firstly. You made 2 same posts. Delete the other one. No need to spam the forum with trash. Secondly, when you get banned, you get banned for a reason. Nothing happens without a reason. They cannot ban randomly. Get over it. You're done.
  16. Mob lvl 21 = 6 adenas. Is Joke?

    Vicinni... nobody really counts their SSR consumption anymore I feel like since they are such a minor factor of this game atm in Live servers. Yeah in Classic you count them, but here... I mean, everyone always has shots and adena for shots. Dunno really where your problem is. If going all dailies daily you have more than enough for SSR and other stuff...
  17. Meanwhile, you make this new thread for no reason at all, where you could just reply with this in another thread.
  18. Event???

    Totally agreeing with Mixa here. The event is F2P and everyone who are 90+ can participate, which is a win win for every player in the Live servers. Everyone gets a possibility to get some nice free stuff. As like the GM said...May RNGezus be on your side...
  19. Mob lvl 21 = 6 adenas. Is Joke?

    This is the worst mixup of people misunderstanding the forums. Please check again where you post/reply posts. LIVE or CLASSIC. Yes, in Live, you can get level 85 fast and the mobs that are low level always dropped a little number of adenas. The point is to get 85 ASAP since you get everything for free if you follow the main quests (sometimes you need to grind a little bit to level up so the main quests open up)
  20. Help to choose class

    I love Eviscerators, and nobody can say something else to me C: I've been playing it since it came out and I gotta say, most enjoyable and the most satisfying class in the game for me. You can actually see the damage you do in instances. Ofc i gotta say it's a solo target xp monster unlike yuls/feoh who are really strong atm, at the same time as well for PvP. Evisc is good in pvp if you can function her properly. As like Argus said, all about the gear, but still... even if not spending money there are enjoyable classes here, and as he mentioned in another thread, the market is plummed and prices are low as hell compared to what it was a while back. I spent around 1 year trying to figure out waaaaaaaaaay back that I liked to play, I rerolled from tank > othell > yul > sahya > and eventually evisc until I found my joy for this game. Since I knew the classes before were most likely to need really good gear to make an influence, Evisc was a cheaper way out of the situation. You don't need a lot to be strong as Evisc dmg wise since Steel Mind is all she has atm. But eeh, now I'm just rambling about how good the class is I love to play, Argus could talk about Yuls like I am so it's just my own objective personal opinion.
  21. Dailies for lvl 100 and 95

    Hey, there are still the same old same old instances you should do. Try getting your healer asap at least 97 so you can do CC/baylor with him. Anways... Kama/Gludio (99+ but everyone prefers 100/101)/AF(is 100+)/ Tavern (99+)/ K95 (try finding an iss+healer if u need to and go duo/trio). That should be enough for the dailies, dont forget to do epics as well - Tauti / Tauti E / Istina E / Octavis / Octavis Epic / Ekimus (this one is actually fun), these are the basics for you level. Have fun <3
  22. R-Grade

    If talking about the simple R gr Immortal/Twilight you get those by 1. Talking to the Mentor NPC who stands near the Adventure Guildsman and hand the Mentor man the diploma that you've got after hitting 85. That should get you a full set of any armor set + a weapon of your choice + jewels and some soulshots. But remember, the items that you can obtain from him are UNTRADEABLE. 2. Save the diplomas and use your S80 (the one with attributes and actually some kind of SA on the weapon) until you can afford twilight. Twilight is relatively cheap and should easily get you to 99 without a problem atm (of course regarding your class). I got a summoner + feoh + iss to 97 with simple S80 armor and jewels + my own weapon on the feoh, but still, it worked wonders on macro pve. R95 armor - you should skip that. I feel like nobody buys them anymore and just jumps straight from R gr to R99. Try your luck with the new event - Orianas Wheel of Fortune lmao (you need to be 90+), you might get a R99 armor set if lucky.
  23. Rotten fish stews

    You gotta go to the grocery store fishing guild. It should be there since they added the feature, it was missing in the first few weeks after the big update but it should be there. The fishing guild manager, he should be there accepting those.
  24. Ahh then it seems I've been moved 2 times just like you... Well if another merge is upon us then maybe it would be fun to watch what happens I guess... Thanks