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  1. I can't seem to fine a way to how to do a character recommendation.. I get recommendations in game and would like to return some.
  2. Thank you I will look for that
  3. I have recently returned to L2 and see a lot has changed.... I been running what seemed to be a quest chain the seems to have stopped at around level 58 for me.... I been running around checking a lot of NPC's for quests but haven't found much.... Any suggestions?
  4. I figured it out Thank god... Under configure I had game pad enabled. I cleared that and it works... Thanks SleepingPower.... Tracking did'nt work but it mad me notice the game pad option.
  5. I'm really bummed out... I just tried running around the starting area for 20 min.... just cant get comfortable with the movements. The worst part if I hit the S key to run back, my character is running towards me and I can see where I'm going without clicking to turn my view around. I wish you all luck, but it looks like I'm out
  6. I haven't played in years, and I can see a lot has changed with the game. SO I'm starting over and noticed running around isn't easy... I am use to using the W key to move forward and holding the right mouse key to control direction. Is this possible... if not I cant can see me playing this game.... Right now it I take a turn left or right and cant see where I'm going. seems crazy.
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