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  1. @Juji Hey any news about recipes/parts s80? Ty!
  2. Ok but when will return cuz i really like of this sets. We talking about the history of Lineage, its a really important save this items. And if this create some grafic lag on player PC its just use ALT+P. This lags and another sttufs its not motivation to remove importants things of game. This erros need be fixed in another way. @Juji Please if u can do it, keep us informed about.
  3. Juji any News about S and S80 recipes/parts??
  4. Hey @Juji any News about recipes/parts of S/S80 grade removed from npc??
  5. Parts and Recipes S - S80

    bring back the recipes and parts S and S-80 in giran please !! Juji you said a few weeks ago that you would check this out, please give us an answer !! @Juji
  6. Question about hero Coins

    Hello good afternoon. I want to buy the 2,400 Ncoin Rune Pack but I would like to send a maphr shirt to my dwarf using the Hero's coins I will receive when buying these Ncoins. It's possible? How should I do it? Will Ncoins come to my account before I buy the Pack or just buy the pack? In case I could buy the Ncoins in my crafter's account, use the hero coins and gift the rune pack for my main character, is it possible? Someone can help me please @Juji
  7. @Juji in this maintenance exalted quest will be fixed?
  8. Exalted Quest For Glory Bugged

    Hey @Juji nothing yet?
  9. Exalted Quest For Glory Bugged

  10. Exalted Quest For Glory Bugged

    I have 29 Proof of battle from the old mission. Now when I will deliver the quest a black screen, with no option or chat.