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  1. what's a lil corruption here and there right ? @Juji what's the going rate for a lvl 120 char with stage3 dragon weapon ?
  2. seems you actually have no clue then as we're talking here solely about the current update and on RU/EU servers it was released initially just like ours but there it got hot fixed right away to back to pre update rates which is the NC Korea intended rate you really shouldn't be dragging in EU/RU stuff if you have no idea what really goes on there now prepare yourself for the same thing to happen here as Korea will have the same rates in all their export regions which is why Juji put it back on the known bug list ps, if you're still salty over last update nerf this isn't t
  3. read that article closely and you will see it does get mention it's a 1 day item On September 30, the following items will be automatically removed from players’ inventories:
  4. well if you knew that it was from EU/RU then you should also have known that they actually did get a nerf on Stronghold (they call it Altar) and they are hoping very hard atm that NCWest gets to keep it so they can petition Korea to have their re instated not really that hard to find if you bother to check their discord & forums so be careful to point to EU/RU atm as that means you actually want the nerf gotcha ?
  5. @Juji @Hime looking forward to see a summary of the raised concerns and actual proof this is being taken seriously and shared with Korea and not as a fake band aid with no follow up Thx!
  6. Uzume


    Rodah is right on that, archers needs alot more investment before they get good at farm some ppl atm are just butthurt about meastro / evi class after they got put back to normal play as they had a skill that made them unbalanced, a 105 class should never be able to do an 120 instance so yeah that got fixed
  7. l2wiki is EU/RU region only and even though alot matches NA servers it's is NOT the same thing and can not be compared like that! secondly enjoy the last few days of Stronghold boosted settings as it's on the known bug list to be "fixed"
  8. they fixed it the same way all other classes work aka huge lowered damage output on mobs higher then certain amount of levels why you think nobody hunts at Fafurion Temple ? cause there's nobody that can kill lvl 120 mobs fast enough to make it remotely worth doing, not even the lvl 116 players cause of the 4 level difference to be clear your skills work fine on mobs within 3 levels just like how it works for everyone else, you are now once more one of us! welcome back to the fold
  9. @Juji can see how good your team has fixed the Shilen SA exploit lmao https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19408-wts-top-items-pm-me-naia/
  10. that's just being lazy now.. a little birdy told me the scale of this exploit of your system on Naia and honestly I'm shocked.. besides lvl9/ 10 shilen sa crystals also +18 +20 armors, +8 or higher dragon epics, lvl10 new dyes - really now ??? @Juji did you guys hire LocalHost for Support ?
  11. @Juji please add same exchange option to the Dimension Merchant trader npc as EU/RU has for the ToI recharge stones, thx!
  12. keep it, most ppl will tell u the best augments are either 20% pskill crit damage or 15% pskill power and that one you got is basically better then the skill power as it will apply to all and any type of damage u do - even normal hits/crits so yeah it's a keeper also just in case u ever decide to reroll to another class u can change the weapon on red libra and still have one of the best possible augments for whichever other class u choose
  13. @Juji @Hime the extended server maintenance had an unfortunate consequence for a friend of mine, he logged a ticket when it was supposed to be servers up and so far support has not picked it up, could you ask them to look at #23594142 ?
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