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  1. hope you're not going to ignore this until the update is here and things have become done fact as that would be uncool Thx!
  2. just read chronos global chat log for the not so friendly truthful reminders
  3. @Juji now that you announced next week we get the Death Knight update it's time to let us know if the Timezone Recharge Stones get removed from the L2store just like it happen in Korea or not - thx!
  4. some ppl don't care about that stuff.. you'll find out if Alpharma didn't quit yet how that goes
  5. that wasn't what I meant.. I was talking about the bored pvp wannabees, you know the type that when get cursed swords run around and sent ppl to town ? or those that just don't like you or ppl that can farm that place in general, envy can be quite real and as it's pvp zone ganks are easy and without consequence in your case maybe some ppl on Naia don't like you left them and give ya free hugs
  6. @Jujilag just started again on chronos - tell AWS to turn off any dumb batch jobs w/e they have running at this time
  7. Any news on this ? or the horrible lag on Chronos for that matter as it's every day on the same time
  8. HighFive or Prelude imho.. Goddess of Destruction and later is just meh
  9. that's cute asking for information on this forum about next update heheh no worries it will be posted here ~24hrs before actual go live or 3 days after, toss a coin to your witch..
  10. tyr/tyr to go 120/120 fastest ofc!
  11. tbh I sign/vote for a free transfer of all my accounts to Korean server any day and take their schedule with love
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