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  1. gotta be something very special to buy for 160 what u can buy for 80..
  2. future proof would be 1 DD and pom & swm iss
  3. nobody cares about oly or sieges except a few die hards so yeah no leave it as is as the current times are perfect for pve players and euro's who got something better to do at 5am
  4. that's cause in Korea they do not have wings of splendor / heir obviously.. so reread what I wrote.. NC promoted the wings many times with nc coins as top replacement for veteran / navari masks so those are basically the same type of item and should have been included this issue / annoyance / frustration exist in all export regions so I doubt we're the only ones being peeved off about this oversight
  5. as per title that must be a bug as we paid for the wings with ncoins so when can we expect that to be fixed @Hermes @Wissp ?
  6. just face palm time how a raid ppl are supposed to do 1 damage per hit to make a it a server wide participation raid can be lethal shot and the char doing it getting instant max reward, meh.. maybe i should have renamed the title to raid bug but i had hoped exploit would get a faster response, aye naive i know
  7. if you think that's comparable ok, we know enough then.. obviously we are aware of the current events on ncwest and how it holds up to past events as well the other regions thanks for the reply though
  8. @Hermes you might want to check how fast the raid keeps getting 1 shotted unless it's working as intended that it dies almost right after it spawns
  9. @Wissp how hard would it be to get this on NCWest too ? EU/RU servers have that as part of their Halloween event, sparks way more joy then a very old recycled app pack tbh
  10. takes more then 750K tomes to get max so GL in Korea they got cheap feed of the tomes this week, 1k for 12$ out of their einhassad store, one problem there is that we will get neither.. no einhassad shop or cheap deals
  11. yeah the resolution issue isnt fixed at all for me either, still can not select 1600 by 1200
  12. @Hermes @Wissp please advise why Koreans can add r99/r110 etc items to increase chance for level up tome book just like it was listed in our patch notes but never got delivered ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS0qROxr18A watch from 8min 10 seconds to see proof or watch from start and also see how they do get real rewards for Crisis timezone unlike our nerfed version which makes it not really worth doing for us at 10mil per char entry point quite disappointing at the amount of nerfs and reversals of supposedly good new content (did I mention the new cloak yet ?) you guys gave us here
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