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  1. Today morning at around 12:20 gmt +1 time i noticed that the hit latency are back again….. why do Always new problems show up, the problem isn't the new problems but that the old problems havent been solved and still new events are put without any change, lag,char get stuck and cant move… now also hit latency, a GK hit 2 times and for do 2nd x2 hit attack needs 3 sec to wait ?`is that normal ? we just want our game to work properly, i dont care about events if the game lags ,i cant move and my char hit 2 times every decade…. then i prefer log out and invest my time in other things….. that is what is making this game lost… people are getting annoyed of the same problems every year and instead of getting better, it gets daily worse. I please the nc stuff to make a proper fix as soon as possible, idc of you take 1 or 2 days the server down… i care about playing after that properly and without any delay of decades as now….. i don't say it as the only one, there are over 100 people claiming the same problem and still nothing changes. Please act on this and don't put further events without being safe that server will work smoothly….. Cheers Banana.
  2. Hello all! At the moment we are recruiting Player/CP's around the level 104-105+ Min. requirements for Damage Dealers (DD): 1. Weapon R99 Bloody/Dark +10 and over. 2. Armor R99 +8 Bloody/Dark. 3. Longing/7Signs/Abu 1. 4. Decent RB jewels (Ex. Tauti Ring,Ring of Authority,Baium Soul ring,Queen Ant etc.) if have B.Valakas,B.Antharas,Lindvior Earring even better! 5. English speaking<--- VERY IMPORTANT! 6. Any Kingdom cloak +7 at least! (Ferios,Elmore,Aden,Elmoreden cloaks) depending on wich dd class you are of course!. 7. Able to PvP and PvE! 8. Using Discord actively 9. Noble circlet +5 at least (grace,foresight,authority) depending on class of course! 10 . Decent belt (Ex. Ekimus belt/Clan hall belt stage 1/2 or CoC Belt) 11. Brooch jewels would be nice to have minimum lvl 3-4 (have advantage update will give free lvl 3 ones , still would be cool -->if can<-- make even lvl 4 brooch jewels! It's not a must!) 12. Brooch 4 Slot <--- 13. Dragon shirt <--- Min. requirements for a support (Tank/Iss/Healer) 1. Weapon R with 3 sa +0 ( R99 Bloody/Dark even if + 0 would be even better for more cp,hp,mp) 2. Armor R99 +8 3. Longing/7 Signs/Abu 1 4. Decent RB Jewel (Ex. Frintezza soul necklace,Antharas also normal is okay, Baium soul,Tauti ring , Blessed Zaken etc) if have even better jewels, better for all 5. Speak English, Very important specially for CC events and sieges! 6. Ferios +7<----Important 7. Also able to PvE and PvP (if not experienced in PvP, by time will learn) 8. Use Discord activetly 9. Noble circlet of grace +5<---Important 10. Ekimus/Clan hall stage 1/CoC Belt 11. Brooch jewels lvl 3 are fine enough, if diamond/pearl/obsidian/tanzanite are lvl 4, even better! 12. Dragon shirt This are all requirements wich we would like to keep even in game, it still won't mean that if you miss 1 of these items you won't be accepted! Contact me in game <--- Dayana Contact me on Discord<--- Dayana#5536 Good Luck and Have Fun

    Yes, even my ssr dont work , was doing kama and they just disappeared and they dont work anymore. Would be very nice if you can fix it as soon as possible, for DD's it will be damn annoying