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  1. Square root (M.Skill Power x M. Atk) = Damage. Let me say. M. Skill Power = 800, M. Atk = 200,000 M. Skill Power x M. Atk = 800 x 200 000 = 160,000,000 Square Root (160,000,000) = 12,649 damage. In practical, It deal more than that. a lot more. I think we need some factor. Example, Feoh Storm screamer level 85. With 0 Attribute in weapon, At . Level 85. with Diploma Gears 1. No attribute is assigned even though wind stance is on. 2. Fairy Settlements mobs are Level 90. M. Atk = 25000, Updraft destruction Skill Power = 450. By F
  2. My point is .. I accept someone don't want auto loop macro system and requesting to disable auto loop macro. I accept till that part. But instead of giving good suggestions (Most of suggestions are unreasonable), people posting like judgement day will come immediately if company doesn't take care even now. I had read every weeks. I Just pointing that part. For me, I accept macro even though I never play with macro. I have reasons for accept macro, one or two people can leave from pt for emergency case (toilet, phone.. etc) while exp farming with boosts, and can rest turn by tur
  3. I would like to say is if you really think you can compete with another grinders who use macro by disabling macro loops, that is totally wrong. Before playing game, you need to learn how to play. You think a feature of a game shouldn't be existed but it is existed. Try learn why that feature is still existed. For returning players, this game is totally new and overhaul classic game to fit with modern players. No one want to spend time for hard grinding. No one want to wait a long time for full pt. And kids or men with a kid's soul always use "People will quit the game". I'm boring of read
  4. If server has good logging system, players can get back their item. I think this kinda game has open trading and should have logging system. I think this game has. Because there was several post about item return to original owner. And game has many proof taking tools like screenshot, video recording. Should use this tools to get proof and it is easier to solve problems.
  5. Since last week, 13th, April 2018, till now in Naia. There is a scammer using clan leader names and powerful players. some fall down into them. First scammer is level 1 - 20 char and scammed using Clan Leader's name. And his scamming successful. 3 days of scamming. and I know total of 3 players was scammed. there may be more. Second scammer appears after first one disappear and scam again. this time quickly found out and disappear again. In 18th April 2018, Third scammer appeared and he reach Level 85. this time he used private messages. Those 3 characters are using same way to
  6. I can't open in game L2 Store since fortune reading event start and till now. NCWest only allowed for some countries to buy items?
  7. I got PC Cafe Points from Herphah Reward Box for reaching Adventure Guild Faction Level 5. I ask some player and when they opened it, item disappeared and nothing happened. They suggested me not to open. So I saved it. Here is Photo. Please tell me what is it.
  8. Haha, She will takes a lot of time to walk from near catacomb of dark omens to aden.
  9. New quest from Penny (Adventure Guildman) is asking us to defeat Spezion in Nornil Garden. Quest name is Special Misson: Nornil's Garden.
  10. Return to Town of Aden options in Rift 95 Beloa is requiring Inventory slot 90% or less.
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