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  1. Good luck with that line of thinking. NCSoft owes you ...nothing. If they decided to shut the game down right now, you have no re course what so ever. If they want to delete you toons, again you have no say in the matter. You probably should read the Lineage 2 User agreement. As for your pizza shop example. There is no such "law" stating he has to honor anything. If you order the pizza thinking it was on sale and he refuses you choice is to pay for it or leave. P.S. You sound like a spoiled child.
  2. Horrible event ... unless your a top spender.
  3. There I fixed it for you... your welcome
  4. The part of the Dawn quest where you had to sneak past the guards. I hate that I was only able to complete it once. Cruma Tower killing CCgirls bot crews. PVP'ing at Hot springs port spot. FoG aoe groups!
  5. 1. Where you're from: USA 2. Char name and class Misterfier Duelist/Archer class changed to Archer. (retired) Playing a Evis now days. 3. Original server Bartz (FCA / Vestige) Playing since closed beta/open beta. 4. Level and % today 104.30. 5. How many times did you quit and come back? once for about 2 years. Never really quit just didn't play for long stretches of time. Very causal player these days.
  6. This is absolutely ridiculous. Closed Beta testing all over again
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