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  1. Please choose the answer below: 1 Inappropriateness people responsible for this error. 2 Intentional action aimed at the interest of the new server bored with the lack of a loop macro
  2. Weee bug ss, bug all, death and lost exp, time and buff, rly nice and u want to ppl buy in ncshop hahaha Iff server and database burnup i dont QQ
  3. Hello.I have proposals for security against third programs. Namely, you have to isolate lineage 2 from the system so that no program can change eg clicks or other bots on the security template from the private America server It is not an option to make exceptions for programs to run when playing in L2 because programs could be used to impersonate other applications. Only so that no program has an effect on the game.
  4. Nice enchant all is korean random skills burns at +1(my personal record is 9x burn at +1 bad luck?) enchant weapon is epic drama (if u dont have save stone from l2store). EXP in kama, k95,k90 and k85 drop to 60% and u give people cloak rly nice. And u ban ppl who PK players who KS monster on spot becouse he have cake from l2 store go go more nccoin plz WAKE UP!!!!!
  5. I have question. About this topic. Iff i record when i AFK and farm on macro (brake rules game) other ppl PK me i make screenshot from my video and sen ticket u will ban him ? u be dont know i afk
  6. TeamViewer Avira antivirus TS notifier league of legends steam CS GO Asus gaming center + prog world of tank
  7. Hello i have a few questions about this statistic. how much give dex to p.skill cry rate how caltulate this rate Explame: 1dex = A% A x 88 = B% B + (agu)% = C C+ (skill enchant)% = D Or another pattern
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