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  1. Not attempting to tell devs how to do their job, but you don't have to go through a wall if you can go around it... They could just block any enchantment/augmentation option for appearance modified weapons. If you want to augment/enchant your said weapon remove modification and do the process. Even if this doesn;t work, there are certainly ways to go around this issue. Cheers
  2. @lshmila pay for them if you want them and stop crying. Juji gave them with this event
  3. Your friend was probably unlucky. I was lucky enough, got god earrng stage 3. I opened 300 boxes
  4. @Juji @Hime It would be great if you could add vitality x50 packs as a flash sale during this 4 week xp event. Thank you
  5. Can't wait to kill the chaotic characters and pick up all their NCoin donated gear!! mmmm nom nom!!! Thank you Juji, we love you <3 The game is now trully free. We dont need to pay ncoin for gear anymore. Just get the gear of those that have the money t pay. Their tears will taste nice!!! :3
  6. good. one more event i won't pay for
  7. @Juji you obviously ignore all complaints for adena nerf in IOS instance. Only thing you guys manage to do is make more people quit.
  8. maintaining/erupting vitality potion discount event?
  9. still no reward, what is going on.
  10. Hello all, the specific person causes problems to me as well. I reported him/her for abusing L2 game-play to harass individuals in-game. IIn the report feedback, i was told NcWest staff can't do much but they will investigate the issue. Truth is that *** and some others may not deviate from the rules of NcWest for Lineage 2. But rules by default are absolute. On the other hand, online harassment is a delicate, sensitive issue and there are grey lines as to what is or is not harassment. I strongly believe that the specific individual bullies people with lower gear that he simply does
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