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  1. I tried to sign in my account as usual with a different PC (old PC stopped working for some reason before i bought new one). it asked me a verification code to be able to log in. But i lost my email address long time ago. So i submitted a ticket to Lineage 2 Support Team. They asked me all possible emails etc.. I told them correct email address, date of birth, location, credit card and paypal. But what they replied to me was that " we strictly need you to contact us using it or the email currently linked to it. Unless you are able to, I'm afraid we won't be able to provide any assistance ."
  2. I am pretty sure you are 1 shot player. Maybe killing mobs is enjoyable for you. But you can’t go to pvp and sieges.
  3. The game is free. Of course. But you can’t compete with RMT players.
  4. Players cry about pay to win event but they are still spending their money for the events. Here is a suggestion for players who are not addicted to L2. If you want to save your money from the events and enjoy your life. Just quit the game. And for players who are addicted to L2 are sick. They can’t live without L2. It should be called LineagEbola. I am sorry, I can’t help. I quit the game. Sold everything. Gl lineage 2 community hospital!
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