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  1. Most probably that will not come to NA version like it wasnt come in the past with the Specter Amaranthine upgrade..... why? bad for bussiness.... r110 enchant stones ready to go!!!.....if there is still any player left to sell them here by that time..... How is dropping the population, will be only chronos and half of it boxes...
  2. Red Libra VII is Coming June 20!

    How you have 100% passive exalted on 103?? Now on my experience the boost is indeed awesome. on 104 with 100% passive exalted, 10% buff exalted and the ordinary clan xp boost, was around 3%-3,5% on elven per cake. For sure with more boost will be double or more than that, so your numbers make sence. Just the 100% passive exalted is available only on lvl 104.......
  3. Great exp in weekends!!!!

    On Previous occasion, when this situation has happend (not the first time..) the % of advancement adjust to the total XP acquired on char so according to previous experience the first scenario is the one that could be. BUT no one knows how the XP tables will be here, according to the answer of Neutron. But for sure your first scenario should be or around that..
  4. phoenix knight or evas templar for pve?

    Eva Templar, We have discuss it a lot on the knight forum section. has better cooldowns, and an insane 150 more element defence bonus. Also has maelstrom a skill far superior to collect mobs around you that paladin skills for that.. The cubics also are very good, you have infinite amount of mp and the self healing of 10% also debuff inmunity... Offensive tanks are a lot weaker than deffensive tanks, around 25% more damage they recive under same gear...... and evas is the strongest by class, recive less damage than others with same gear. Go read the knight forum section. Cheers.
  5. Epic Raids(Orfen/queen ants)

    Mr don´t understimate the power of the l2 store, "angel enchant scroll" will be a perfect item for such place......... :D
  6. Comparing AP Setups

    @Keoz I have 3 SA HP weapon. Like i say i have "cheap gear" no eva rune (Keeppeace have eva run and all the shiny shiny jaja) Just put the mystic SA on your 2x HP weapon, very nice boost for little, is very cheap now the crystal. On dual skill i have 4x HP. And CON CON CON ( for cheap bleep is the way to go) Besides i also try the str, around 143 i reach and nah no big deal was almost the same as 120 str .....Sure for extra damage can be nice Is not much cooldown, that 2% at lest for daily activity. use to have a ST, i really like it, but the difference in class, like i say a lot of time, is just absurd to not consider ....the 150 more element is just insane , is like having a pve / pvp armor on v/s offensive tanks. And the pulls skill are also nice I started with the HK when goddess just arrive, then with diversif came in use it then change to ST, now Evas. I do miss the "dark" sensation the off tanks have, but i do like more free stats jaja. Now i do agree that is not that much needed the extra resistance BUT it also works fine on pvp.. i can switch between anakim to lilith or pdef +con to mdef +con hair acc if required. Also phys rez shirt to magic rez shirt... Next update is around the corner and i bet the sea of spore area will demand more resistance and will give better rewards, for sure will be welcome to add all you can to endure. You wear a normal/bless +8 or pve/pvp? Regards
  7. preawakened dark avenger skills

    Absolutly No. Raise Shield is the thing that allow you to Tank properly now (heavy aoe). With right setup (not hard) you can keep it ON almost all time while tanking (cooldown match duration).
  8. Comparison between Tauti 2h vs +12 Blessed Apo Retri

    why you going with a retributer? the passive is for one hand blunt weapon, so better go for a blessed apo slasher. or u using SOS buff? Tauti weapon sucks for the main instances,,,,, well also tyr maestro got the lower damage of all tyr on pve (also duelist)... i recommend use a chaoss ess and change it to Khava or Titan.
  9. Lineage II - June Preview

    Answering your question, "whats not to like", i think i never say i dont like it BUT not recognize the incidence this will have on stones, specially BLOODY would be of a blind man. This will increase the price mainly for bloody stones due the increase on demand, and dark stones may low its price . This can be good or bad, but market itself will be changed like i am saying To put it simple you will be able to create a DARK gear with BLOODY stones........ therefore most will seek the bloody over dark, cause continue the improvements on bloody demands more bloody stones, instead of the improvements on the dark gear cause the result of both is the same......
  10. Lineage II - June Preview

    Sure , but most will go for lvl 2 or lvl 3 wich will improve 4% to 5% their base pdef, so the boost get affected by all your gear % modifier and buffs, wich is a lot more than a mere 2k pdef than a high end sayha can provide. And ultimate visa master warrios will add all you mention, dont understimate their power , but common master visa warrios will aim for lvl 3 for sure, and that will at least triple the demand on stones....... boosting a lvl 1 to lvl 2 seems not expensive once you ar at lvl 1 dont ya think?
  11. Lineage II - June Preview

    Don´t understimate the power of master visa ultimate warriors , cause the difference between a lvl 1 an a lvl 6 is 10,5% more BASE PDEF (add the pdef each piece gives at lvl 1 then compare the same at lvl 6, info on the link you provide) and not just the mere 1,5% patk / 3% matk...... bet there will be ppl that goes for that extra 10,5% pdef, cause it is from base, it is huge........and that will unbalance the cost of bloody/dark stones This will spread even further the gap...... unless they add more ways to farm the stones, and also will increase the price of normal bloody/dark gear cause of the increasing demands for stones...
  12. Shield Defence Rate and Effect

    no, shield has it owns passives / AP bonuses and add a fix value after "shield multipliers" to pdef that can not be debuff. How it adds is: ((passive+item skill passive (he one you get by select def or atack type on shield)*AP bonus)*Buff ( knight harmony, two hand stance, Frenzy...)* Grand Fortress So, on a lvl 104 tank with a normal eternal shield Passive Bonus: 542+ 542*1,5 (400% from passive+100% from item skill)= 3252 AP Bonus: 100% on 3252 = 6504 Knight H: 6504*1,5 = 9756 pdef With Knight + Frenzy = 16260 pdef With Knight + lvl 1- 5 Grand Fortress = 10732 - 14634 (goes between thouse numbers from lvl 1 to lvl 5) With Knight + Frenzy + lvl 1- 5 Grand Fortress = 17886 - 24390 (goes between thouse numbers from lvl 1 to lvl 5) AS you can see for a TANK shield do boost a lot from its passives / buffs / triggers.... For an iss with no mastery that use a shiled is 542 + 542*1 (from the item skill) = 1084 AP if use Knight Tree= 2168 On knight Harmony buff = 3252 add to pdef with a chance of (20%+ CON%)*1,3 (30% from K Harmony lvl 1) ON tank with only 90 con + knight harmony you have 100% block Hope this Helps Cheers
  13. Comparing AP Setups

    This AP settings are for PVE. On Siege i switch things a bit to grap extra mdef.. but lately im busy with RL on weekends so... And also the Frenzy + Focus Shield is enought to stand against magic atacks when you get to agro mages... - Normal Buff, no stew ( iss, turtle, own aura) https://imgur.com/SA7Sjpe - With Divine protection ( cheap rose, will not use a guardian rose for a screen ) https://imgur.com/LUXROLs Bonus - Raise Shield ON https://imgur.com/yeOaMD8 - Frenzy + Focus shield ON https://imgur.com/7dyRFqv For the cheap gear i own stats seems fine... and @Keoz the cheapest and best improvement on tank is switch to Evas , maybe with @KeepthePeace gear you will able to farm pve with the char OK ( i guess he does that due his giant crt damage augment) but HK and SK demands much more gear to perform equally as their defensive conterparts on this update...... BTW Check the AP Keoz, cause for PVE you only trade 9% HP for 12% more PDEF.... well also 2% or reuse time that for me is unnoticed, at least for how i have the char (on heavy tanking raise shield is ready to use as when it is expiring ... have it +12 on time)
  14. Shield Defence Rate and Effect

    Hi Well not very helpfull info you recive... The success rate of shield depends on CON, BUFF and mastery, nothing more, nothing less. For a Tank his passive grants 100% succes with 90 Con and Knight Harmony. With other harmony 100% shield success is achieve around 110 Con, with tank passive. So most stank have 100% success on shield rate. When shield success the pdef of shield + passive bonuss+ buff (knight H) apply and add that amount to your Pdef on formula calculation, is not added to your base, but to the pdef amount you have. On an real example, my Tank with raise shield on achieve 60k pdef, i know, thx to two hand stance, that my shield will add around 10k more pdef when it success, i do have 100% success rate, so on every block i will defend with 70k pdef against enemies. OE shield do add more pdef ... it is worth it?.... well it is worth it to use anakim? it might be that amount of extra pdef you can have with a standar vs bless oe shield, even more. About excellent shield def well it is random so... sure add some extraXD Shield also provides 20% damage reduction against bows damage, again only to tanks. Question .. you are a tank? if not shield is kind of useless, maybe a some minor boost to your iss pet, a bit more usefull to singers... The only char that trully benefit from shield is tank. Greetings
  15. Mass Dc or Only Me?

    Again DOWN????????