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  1. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    Nothing changed for ppl as stayed blazing swamp so still is staying. Ah all ppl in bs became red armor users looks like draconic set. I thought that all ppl would move to the hellbound but they didnt. any idea why?
  2. Tell Us About Your Computer

    Pentium geforce 250
  3. Banhammer

    you cant ban the customer you are a bad manager! Fired!(c)donny
  4. Botting gone now?

    there is non-correlated events(bots and autoplay) as dog and theirs mothers event
  5. Lineage 2 remastered

    more lineage. more trashy sequels. Like lineage 2m but not lineage 3 Lineage 2MF is next name of remastered version of 2. But yes much mor game news sites reported of ncsoft searching ppl for remastered. I want to see strip elves in next version pls. night.
  6. exlusive items for craft still exist for halflings only lawl race like racial discrimination seats only for not vite
  7. Hope they have a courage to say it will be addded in next future updates as usually.
  8. This update seems like Lineage II: Winter Of "Wipe patch" Begins On January 15. All old are become inhuman. All new are bright and light and fresh. Welcome to the brave new world. Trash your 15 years and start new.
  9. Thats the one reason to make sixellions alts and farm items from kartia boxes. Sadly.
  10. New Player Adena Farm Guide

    When you make a representing video you may ask your self what is my scenario on it. Why stranger going to watch this long silent blackened and sorrow and a pity video in happy bright newborn year.
  11. Fafurion Supplemental Update Part III is for newcomers who buy all items from only shop but there is one kittle problem, newcomers havent existed for long time ago. Only rumors whisper they are .

    R95 closer not R99

    Yep they reboot game. 110 lvl is as 10 lvl with non grade set for newbies and other newbies stuff gems rings crowns blah/ Hello for all who farm each 86 lvl and S set for years. But problem is they are too late. after 15 years they want to make pet system! 15 mf karl 15 years!
  14. Server Down

    This must been happened at test server and fixed befor release on live.