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  1. whats the reason to be at the game in a dead state more than hour? just curious
  2. Instances

    Depends on your equipment
  3. how to farm 105+?

    You reach the end. Congratulations!
  4. Fix this

    In all these calculations u forgot power of visa card. 14780 Total Ether / 51.5 Average per day = 286.9 days to gather enough ether for r110. So pretty much 287 days total 287 / 30 = 9.5 Months 9.5 months / visa card = 2 clicks( about 3-4 seconds) Be good and dont forget holy power of visa! Allilua
  5. Farmable event

    they should pay for their families so there is no more ungamble events and thats right way to the happy families.
  6. Hey whats up about reforged world of lineage 2 in all versions(classic, essence, awaking)?
  7. I cant creat a character

    Its normal for this game now in the moment. Relax and play with your dog.
  8. Timed Instance recharge stones

    capitalism and fair is incompatible. Play. pay. have fun.
  9. skills not panties? i first see panties. Maybe my geforce 250 is so old and need to change to see not-underwear first
  10. fairy island party zone?

    90% mechanics is unplayable without money
  11. Game should not be 15 years old. Can you fix this, please bow on all two my knees?
  12. lvl 100 and what now?

    Be sure you really must not have adena befor 105 lvl. At 105 lvl you must go to the l2shop and buy adenatradable items. Ofc you can ask and they will give some adenas for your beautiful eyes in the morning at their beds.
  13. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    Nothing changed for ppl as stayed blazing swamp so still is staying. Ah all ppl in bs became red armor users looks like draconic set. I thought that all ppl would move to the hellbound but they didnt. any idea why?
  14. Tell Us About Your Computer

    Pentium geforce 250
  15. Banhammer

    you cant ban the customer you are a bad manager! Fired!(c)donny