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  1. L2 team not for game :)))) Im stupied, create char Chronos server .... but my play server Naia.............I apologize for any inconvenience I'm a real noob
  2. and speed lag have wynn too and when auto play wynn , summons defende mode not work before my 2.th char have 2 subbskills... one speed , one defence.... now thats skils not have and wynn speed low and auto play times summons speed very low... Ahhh Im wait new updates, but I like this game , allways change and allways make me be happy
  3. Can I see my 2 acc update after ? Because I cant see yesterday and today Ahh if not need healer I cant open 3.th acc But I LOVE THIS GAME , 1 years before start and I noob yet